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Get Spooky and Stay Green

Posted by SEPCO on 10/25/16 10:00 AM

Halloween is fast approaching and there are lots of things to do and buy before the big day of spooks, candy, and fun. Here are some alternatives to the holiday standards to keep your family green and save you money.

Kids Halloween

Green Costume Ideas:

Every year purchasing a new costume, especially for children, can be very expensive. With a standard price of $40 per costume or more, this can add up quickly for a family, and to make it worse, the costume can only be used once since it will be a whole year before the next holiday.


Instead get together with your friends and exchange costumes with them, or hand down last years to your friends and family with younger children. This is a great alternative since most friends and family have similar tastes and your little skeleton will never get old year after year. There is also other forms such as social selling sites and Craigslist where you can find costumes.


You can also look for items around the house and make a costume. There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest nowadays and many other blogs such as Buzzfeed and PopSugar have done articles on DIY costume ideas. All you need is a little creativity and some glue or sewing skills, and you can have a one of a kind costume perfectly designed for you.


Finally, purchase or make one item that can be used many times over like a good set of wings for girls or a play sword set for boys. For example, I went to purchase a cat tail for my daughter. Halloween Express wanted $15 for the cheaply made tail that would likely fall apart before she would be able to ever use it again. Instead, we ran to Joanne Fabrics, purchased a small piece of fake fur fabric, and I made her a tail and had enough to make another. Best of all, she has been able to use the tail for the last three years and her friends can borrow it if they want to be a cat.


Candy Corn

Green Trick-or-Treat Ideas:

Trick-or-treating is the best part for kids on Halloween. There are green options for making sure kids have something to carry all their treats. One tip is to make a bag out of an old pillow case or teeshirt. You can even use last years teeshirt that they no longer fit in. You can also use a basket or other container found around the house and decorate it. Finally, a lot of stores have holiday themed green bags that you could purchase and then use year around for grocery shopping.


Handing out candy bars is a what is expected from people coming by on Halloween, and sticking with wrapped candy (no matter how much waste this creates) is still the expected way to proceed; however, family and friends that come over will like homemade treats much better. This also reduces waste and provides a more personal and fun way to entertain. Again, one of the best places to start the search is Pinterest.


Halloween Decorations

Green Halloween Party Ideas:

The halloween party can be one of the least green parts of Halloween, but it doesn't have to be. Get creative in your decorations and only purchase things you can use year after year. Purchase reusable tumblers for drinks and reusable platters and bowls for snacks that you can wash and store away with the rest of your decorations. Create games like bobbing for apples that do not require any extra waste. Finally, stick with finger food that is spread out so guests do not require plates for their snacks; less cleanup and more environmentally friendly.


These are just a few quick tips to allow your Halloween to stay spooky while staying green. For more tips on staying green this Halloween, check out these other great articles:

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Happy Halloween from the SEPCO Team!


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