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Banners, Kiosks, Signs, Oh My! Use Solar Lighting to Light Them

Posted by SEPCO on 11/1/11 7:48 AM

Solar lighting can be used for many different applications. Some of the most common are banners, kiosks, and signs. We have completed many projects that show the versatility of solar lighting on all of these types of applications.

Solar Banner Sign LightSolar Banner Signs Systems:

The City of Arlington Heights uses our solar banner sign lighting systems for the banner signs throughout their downtown areas. These banner signs have the solar power and fixtures mounted to the top of the banner shining down. These solar powered banner signs light up from dusk for 3 hours and provide information to residences and tourist in the area. The project also showcases the city's green initiative.

Solar Powered Sign LightSolar Sign Systems:

The City of Port St. Lucie uses our solar sign lighting systems throughout the city. These solar powered sign lighting systems provide dusk to dawn lighting for all signs located throughout the area. The City of Port St. Lucie shows their green initiative not only through their solar sign light systems, but also many other projects located around the area. The city says it perfectly by stating on one of their solar powered signs "Keep Port St. Lucie Beautiful" and they are doing just that by helping the environment with solar lighting systems.

Internally Illuminated Solar Sign LightSolar Internally Illuminated Sign System:

Solar can also be integrated in the sign for internal illumination as seen with the Mediterranean Community. The solar power for this sign lighting system is integrated in the top portion of the monument sign with the lamps located within the sign. When just driving by the solar is flush mounted and many are unaware of the solar that powers the sign, but still allows for a green alternative for the community.

Solar Powered Kiosk LightSolar Kiosk System:

Kiosks are located throughout colleges, parks, and cities. These kiosks provide a great place for solar powered kiosk light systems as their roof can be mounted with the solar with the light fixtures wired underneath for lighting at night. Auraria Higher Education Center has been installing solar powered kiosk light systems throughout their campuses to provide lighting for students seaking information after dark. These systems provide lighting from dusk for 6 hours to help lower the size and cost of the system as no students are on site later. 

Benefits of Solar Banner, Kiosk, and Sign Systems:

All of these systems provide many benefits including no need for power to be trenched to the location, free energy provided by the sun, and a tax incentive provided by Federal, State, and Local authorities. Next time you are in the position for lighting a banner, kiosk, or sign, think solar.

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