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Is Solar Lighting the Answer? Here’s 4 Great Reasons Why

Posted by SEPCO on 9/25/12 9:39 AM

SolarLightSolar power has been around for quite some time, and the sun has been around a little longer, a few million years or so. The solar industry is growing at an enormous rate, faster than ever imagined. Solar lighting makes up only a small percentage of the industry, but can provide many options to standard electrical lighting.

1. Solar Lighting Lasts Longer

Solar panels have become more efficient over the years. New panels are smaller while providing more power than their larger predecessors. LED technology has added to this efficiency to make solar powered lighting one of the most sustainable lighting sources other than the sun. And as battery efficiency has increased, there is no worry about lights running out of power after only a couple hours. Most commercially manufactured solar lights automatically come with a battery backup to provide extra days of energy storage.

2. Solar Lights Are Environmentally Friendly

Standard electrical lights need some sort of non-renewable energy to make them work; fossil fuels, coal, or nuclear power. All these forms of energy produce harmful CO2’s and also cost the owner lots of money year after year. Solar powered lights are practically free after the initial purchase and installation and produce no harmful pollutants to the environment. The upfront cost of solar lighting can easily be paid back within the first couple years of operation, even on the larger systems.

3. Look to the Government for Incentives

Want an even lower cost for a solar lighting system? Look to the Government to help you with your purchase and installation. Federal and State tax incentives can be easily found; the energy.gov website is a great resource. Even some local power companies provide incentives to install solar power both for your home, business, and lighting. This not only saves you money in the initial phase of the project, but also provides an almost immediate ROI.

4. Solar Lights are Maintenance Free and Movable

Solar lights provide great lighting for years with no maintenance. Solar panels are rated for over 25 years of life expectancy, and with high powered LED’s lasting 12 to 15 years and batteries lasting longer and longer every year, there really isn’t much to do after installation. You can even take them with you if you move since the units are self-contained. No losing your initial investment, which is always great!

So next time you ask yourself if going solar is worth it, think back to this and check all your options. The ROI on solar lighting isn’t just for you; it’s for our world too. Let’s help them both.

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