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Solar Rail Road Crossing for Remote Locations Improve Safety

Posted by SEPCO on 3/14/13 9:30 AM

Solar Rail Road CrossingOne of the many benefits of powering equipment via solar energy is the ability to produce electricity in even the remotest of locations without significant complications and cost. As rail road lines traverse wide swaths of land that of necessity include isolated, "off the grid" areas, rail way crossing warning systems must be provided with a secure and trustworthy electricity supply the doesn't depend on connection to utility lines. Solar rail road crossing flashers are one of the few options available for providing adequate safety at crossings in secluded areas traversed by railways.

A solar powered rail road crossing flasher is a self-contained power supply that can be adapted to the needs of the particular location where it will be used. Often touted as an entirely green source of electricity, solar panels satisfy increasing concerns for the environment while boasting the additional benefits of being low maintenance and long lasting. Solar rail road crossings can be programmed to work at only certain hours of the day to maintain efficiency and can be relocated after their initial installation if the need arrises. Federal, state, and local governments have taken note of this environmentally friendly way of providing safety at rail road crossings by offering incentives and policies that favor the use of solar rail road crossing fixtures. 

Already a common site alongside our highways, solar panels are constantly being adapted to meet our energy needs in ever more convenient and practical ways. Solar rail road crossings are now in use by quite a few railway systems such as the North Carolina Department of Transportation railway crossings and they are likely to be used increasingly in the coming years due to their many advantages. 

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