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Solar Bus Stop and Shelter Design for a Brighter Transit System

Posted by SEPCO

6/12/14 9:30 AM

SEPCO has been working on improving our current bus stop and bus shelter lighting products. Our new design combines some of the best features of our standard solar lighting systems and new ideas for a perfect combination for bus stops and bus shelters, both integrating into existing areas and for new installations.

Solar Bus Stop Design

Solar Bus Stop Design

Our new bus stop design provides all night or push button lighting for bus stops. Our high powered ING LED fixture is integrated and recessed into a battery assembly for vandal resistance and provides down-lighting with no light pollution to other areas.

The solar panel assembly sits at a 45 degree angle for maintenance free cleaning of the solar panel by rain and does not allow for snow buildup in the winter. A typical flat panel designs collect dust and debris and requires regular maintenance and cleaning of the solar panel. The 45 degree angle also provides the most solar radiance compared to a flat panel system that only can grab the solar rays when the sun is high in the sky.

The solar panel assembly also easily mounts to a pole with U-Bolts that are integrated into the panel bracket and slip over the top of the pole and tighten down. Best of all, the entire assembly is easily adjustable up or down the pole for variations required due to ambient lighting.

Solar Bus Shelter Design

Solar Bus Shelter Design

Our new bus shelter design provides mounting of the solar panel assembly either on the roof or on a pole nearby. The light fixtures are integrated within a one piece unit to include all control electronics and batteries that mounts directly to the roof of the bus shelter. A single or double fixture application can be easily achieved without compromising aesthetics. The solar panel can be mounted at a 45 degree angle on a nearby pole or on the angled side of the roof that faces south. This keeps the panel clean and reduces maintenance.

Both the solar bus stop and bus shelter designs are perfect for integrating into an existing transit application or for new installations. Bus shelter systems can be integrated into any bus shelter unit and can even provide power to advertising panels and schedule boards. The bus stop lights can easily be installed at any bus stop and provide the safety to travelers at night.

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What Options are Available for Outdoor Solar Lighting

Posted by SEPCO

10/3/13 9:30 AM

Jack-McLean-Park-2In the world of grid connected commercial lighting, there are high installation costs, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance bills, high energy expenses and safety issues. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Modern outdoor solar lighting has about 1/10th the installation price, there is limited maintenance,  zero energy bills and safety issues are greatly reduced. And, solar lighting is available for a variety of your needs, from parking lots, street lights, area lighting and even such specialized applications like bus and transit stops or industrial applications. 

Take, for example, parking lot lights. With grid supplied lights you'll need to have them professionally installed into your electrical service. Depending on your lot size and whether or not they are a new installation, this may well cost  tens of thousands of dollars. But with solar parking lot lights, you don't tie into the grid. Just put up the pole, orient the solar panel to receive sunlight and you are done. Plus, there is no safer alternative than solar powered parking lot lights. If someone runs into a light pole, there will never be any highly charged and dangerous live wires laying about. And, since it will take years before a battery needs to be replaced, and LED bulbs last virtually forever, having someone go up to "fix" a bad light greatly cuts down on safety concerns. 

Street lighting works the same way. Once they are in place there are no associated electrical costs, there will never be any exposed wires if the pole has been run into, and maintenance becomes a non-issue. 

Local-Transit-4The best outdoor solar lighting applications for commercial area lighting comes with batteries that will hold a charge for 5 full nights. That keeps your area lit up at all times, especially during power outages when there are safety concerns, even if the weather has been cloudy,

Bus and transit stops will always have light with no worry about a bulb burning out, and for industrial applications that require fossil fuel for generators, portable outdoor solar lighting is the answer to reduce costs and bring light to the most remote places where it is needed. 

No matter what your lighting needs are in a commercial setting, there is an outdoor solar lighting option available for you that will save you money, reduce or eliminate maintenance costs and help you go "green" to take advantage of government incentives while becoming eco-conscious. 

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13 Solar Bus Stop Lights for Sun Metro Transit

Posted by SEPCO

4/10/12 8:30 AM

Sun Metro Solar Bus Stop LightWhen Sun Metro Transit in El Paso, TX wanted to provide lighting for their bus stops in areas with little or no lighting, they purchased and installed SEPCO solar power bus stop lighting systems through TX-based Solar Wind Technologies and Environmental Lighting Services.

SEPCO’s ultra-reliable, vandal resistant solar bus stop lighting systems are programmed to operate from dusk to dawn and feature a high intensity LED light fixture that effectively illuminates bus stop areas to provide a better sense of security, improved visibility and aid in the prevention of buses passing up riders at night. See original article on the solar bus stop lights and the City of El Paso Press Release

Better still, SEPCO solar power bus stop lighting systems mount directly to existing bus stop poles—which saved Sun Metro Transit the additional cost of installing new bus stop poles.  The system’s unique design offers the benefit of mounting the solar module south towards the sun (as required) and the flexibility of mounting and orienting the light fixture in whatever direction is needed to illuminate the bus stop area.

Best of all, because SEPCO bus stop lighting systems operate purely on off-grid solar power,  Sun Metro was able to completely eliminate the cost of extending the AC-power grid to the bus stop pole. How's that for a green solution?

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