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LightFair International 2015: Changing how we light up the world

Posted by SEPCO on 4/13/15 10:00 AM

If you’ve never heard of it before, LightFair International is a conference and trade show specific to the lighting industries. This includes interior and exterior lighting, design and energy reduction and efficiency technologies displayed and discussed for the week of May 3 – 7th this year. Check out the overview of last year’s show:

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Solar Lighting Out of the Shadows at LightFair International

Posted by SEPCO on 5/2/13 9:30 AM

This year’s LightFair International conference in Philadelphia was proof that solar lighting is becoming more and more mainstream. My colleague Stephanie Holloran and I attended the conference April 21 through the 24th. According to its website LFI “is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.” The conference consists of numerous lighting industry related classes, informational seminars, and a huge tradeshow.  Solar Lighting technologies were at the forefront considerably more than in years past.

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GovEnergy 2012 St. Louis Cancelled

Posted by SEPCO on 7/17/12 9:30 AM

Sales professionals know and understand that part of their job includes traveling to conferences and shows. We usually look at the calendar and plan our life, families, and vacations, around these conferences. We have come to see them as a necessary evil in order to promote products for small business, to have brand awareness, and get demonstrations of new products in front of the customers. 

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