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Solar School Zone Flashing Beacon for Child Safety

Posted by SEPCO

8/27/13 9:30 AM

Solar School Zone Flashing BeaconOur children are our future, so keeping them safe is number one priority. Since school is a requirement of being a child, making sure there are flashing beacons in school zones is important for children’s’ safety when walking or biking to school. It also keeps traffic at a much slower rate than normal and tries to warn drivers of children also being taxied by their parents.

The flashers must operate without fail during school traveling hours. The school zone flashing beacons can be activated by a remote, switch or spring loaded timer by the crossing guard or by a programmable clock that works without anyone touching it throughout the school year. Any of these options work well depending on the needs of the school.

Solar school zone flashing beacons are a great solution since most areas do not have underground power readily available where the school zone is active. Drop down transformers cost a lot to install, and if there is a grid outage, the school zone flashers will not operate. The solar will work without fail any time the flashers are needed, even for special occasions different then school hours.

Remember, as with any solar application, there is not a one size that fits all. Using properly sized solar system will ensure that your system runs flawlessly no matter what the weather condition is. The system should have a backup of 5 days for times of bad weather. This will ensure the school zone can still work even during periods of heavy rain or snow.

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Use Solar Powered Traffic Flashers for Increased Safety

Posted by SEPCO

6/25/13 9:30 AM

Solar Powered Traffic FlashersTraffic warning flashers are the perfect applications for off-grid solar power solutions. These safety devices are needed to warn drivers of upcoming obstacles and hazards of the roadway. The flashers are often located in areas where the electrical grid is not available. Solar powered traffic flashers can be used at these locations without the need for the electrical grid. Solar panels produce their own electrical energy that is stored in batteries which are used to power the flashers. As an added benefit, the flashers will still function during power outages.

Numerous different operational profiles are available for solar warning flashers. One of the most popular options is 24/7 operation, which is the standard configuration. Other applications require only nighttime operation using a dusk to dawn controller. School zone flashers usually require the flashers to operate only for a few hours a day Monday through Friday. This can be accomplished using a time clock that can be set for a weekly program or a more customizable 365 day computer. Radio or cellular transmitters/receivers can be used for activation from a central location. Push button and remote activation are also available.

In the standard configuration, the solar module is mounted at the top of an aluminum pole with a breakaway base. The battery and control electronic enclosure can either be mounted with the solar at the top to deter vandalism, or can be mounted lower on the pole for easy access. The flasher fixtures and informational signs can be mounted anywhere on the pole. 

Solar warning flashers provide convenient and functional safety for roadways virtually anywhere it is needed.

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