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What To Do With All That Holiday Waste

Posted by SEPCO on 12/26/13 9:30 AM


Okay, the holidays are over with. All that is left is cleaning up and then comes the New Year. So what do you do with all this stuff? Between packaging, wrapping paper, leftover food and your pile of stuff, there is so much to go through and so much waste. How can you get rid of all this waste without being wasteful? Well there was an article on reducing waste last year, but let’s push a little further beyond these suggestions.


Reduce – Oh we all know the three R’s to lower our impact on the earth, but they are such good ideas why not keep bringing them up. Reducing your consumption is always brought up early on in the holiday season, even though ads tell you to buy out everything. But what about after the holidays, what can you do to reduce? Quite a bit actually! Reduce your waste by recycling (see below), reduce your electric usage by lowering your thermostat now that you aren’t entertaining and can throw on an extra sweater and reduce waste by composting your organic material.


Reuse – Yeah, here’s one of the others that gets jammed down our throats year after year. But it makes sense. Reuse what you can. Got a huge box that was wrapped with large pieces of wrapping paper? Can you fold the wrapping paper and store it for a small gift next year? What about using the box to help pack up your old stuff for donations? Same goes with the leftovers. Make something new. Make turkey burger sliders with mashed potatoes and gravy on top? Or turning that real tree into fire wood for your fire pit outside? So many things can be turned into something else with just a little creativity.


Recycle – Well this just seems to keep coming around. But you can’t control what others do. Therefore, Aunt Jane who keeps purchasing the new and improved trinket that comes packed in 15 layers of packaging material that only about 1% of it is recyclable will probably get you the same type of gift no matter how much you plead different. So what do you do? Don’t be like me and just smile, say thank you and stick all that stuff in the garage for years to come. Make something with it. Use it till it can’t be used any more. And recycle what you can. I have four recycle bins and one trash can at home…can you guess what is the most full every week?

After all is said and done, now is the time to relax while you wait for the New Year to come around next week. Happy holidays to everyone and we will see you after the New Year!

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