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Four R’s to Reduce Christmas Waste

Posted by SEPCO | 12/12/12 9:30 AM

HolidaysHoliday season is one of the best times of the year. The celebration involves giving gifts, cooking special recipes and buying stuff needed for the event. Indeed, it is very festive!

As a result, there are tons of waste generated after the occasion. This is the aftermath we have to face every year right after celebrating holidays. In the US alone, there is an estimated one million tons of waste produced. So imagine if the waste from around the globe are gathered together. It would be a big big big mess.

Fortunately, we can do simple ways to help reduce the post Christmas waste without sacrificing the festive mood. Carrying out the practices below is not only beneficial to the environment but to all living things as well.

  • Recycle - This practice is perhaps one of the oldest and most common ways to lessen garbage. Even in grade school, recycling is being taught. Recycling is a process of converting waste materials into reusable ones. And so, when you shop for food or drink, it is advisable to opt for those brands packed in materials that can be recycled. These recyclables include plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, papers and other containers. After Christmas, you can use them in the kitchen or in other rooms as water container, decorations and plant holders. Some can be used as container for jam and other condiments. Large cans can be used as pots.
  • Reuse leftovers - Much similar to recycling, this practice involves reusing unwanted items. However, this also includes foodstuff. For instance, you have a bowl of chicken meat left in the fridge and nobody wants to eat it anymore. You cannot just throw it away in the garbage bin. So, why not turn it into a new dish?Yes, there are plenty of recipes now that involves food leftovers. This is a good way to avoid wasting the food you prepared for the holidays as you can create a new menu out of it. You can make chicken salad from your chicken leftovers. Isn’t practical?
  • Holiday Waste

    Reject plastic bags - There are some stores in the country that banned the use of plastic bags when shopping. But still, you can find shops utilizing this type of shopping bags specifically grocery stores. Instead of carrying your items inside this non-biodegradable material, try using recycled bags or the ones made from paper. If you prefer using the plastic bags, there is still simple way you can do to avoid muc waste. When you go to the grocery, you can bring your own plastic bag. This is somewhat similar to recycling. You can keep the plastic bag that you used in previous shopping and use it again whenever going to the store. Some stores encourage this practice.

  • Rot biodegradable discards - During Christmas time, it can’t be avoided that there are plenty of mouth watering foods on the table. Oftentimes this would result into having many leftovers. Now, if these leftovers have been kept in the fridge for almost a week, it’s about time to dispose them. But not in the garbage bin where they can create disgusting and foul smell. Food and other organic items such as banana peels, meat and broccoli stems are considered as biodegradable. You can mix them with the garden soil since they can decompose in certain time. When decayed, they are good for the plants.

When you think of it, there are many ways anybody can do to reduce waste after celebrating holidays. These practices do not require hard work nor lots of time. With these four Rs, you can surely get rid of the headaches brought by post Christmas garbage.

About the author. This guest post was written by Ashley O’connor. She is a social media blogger who works with various companies such as Glasstic, a healthy lifestyle company offering environmental friendly product. When not writing, she is just at home reading books or watching tv.

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