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How Going Solar Can Benefit Your Organization

SEPCO 5/6/20 10:00 AM
Solar Can Benefit Your Organization

solar panels in Sunshine


Using solar electricity is a great way to power a home, a business or any other building that requires electricity. Solar energy is able to provide the same levels of energy that are provided by traditional electricity without the cost and with a greater promotion of environmental protection. Continue reading below to learn the benefits solar energy can have on your organization.


Energy Cost Savings


One of the most expensive bills of running an organization or business after rent or mortgage, is the electricity bill. Energy costs can be a large part of your budget when running an organization.


Utilizing solar energy can significantly reduce the energy costs of running your organization. This will save you and your business a large amount of money that can be utilized in other, more important business matters. You will feel less stressed as well from lesser financial burdens.


Green Reputation


Businesses and organizations can have an extremely positive reputation if they are known for going green and utilizing environmentally friendly methods. One environmentally friendly method that can be utilized at your organization is the use of solar energy.


Using solar energy will make your organization appear to be environmentally conscious, which will offer more grants, funding or positive reputations about the organization. More employees will want to work for an organization that is environmentally friendly as well, especially younger individuals.


solar panels installation on roof


Federal Investment Tax Credit


Doing taxes is essential to any business owner. It is important to save as much money as possible when doing taxes in order to not have to pay too much to the IRS. There are tax credits that are available for going green through solar energy.


The most popular tax credit for going green is the Federal Investment Tax Credit. The tax cut offered by this credit is worth thirty percent of the installation costs of the solar electricity system.


Other Tax Deductions


There are other tax deductions that can be made from the installation of a solar electricity system. These deductions can be continued to be utilized as long as the solar energy system is utilized. It is possible to deduct up to eighty-five percent of the value of the system from taxes yearly. This will significantly save you and your organization from the costly taxes that need to be paid.


Increased Employee Satisfaction


As was aforementioned, employees are interested in working for an organization that is eco-friendly. More employees will apply to your organization who appear to be well-qualified when they notice the organization utilizes solar energy and other environmentally friendly methods.


Employees that currently work for your organization will feel more satisfied as well. They will feel as if they are working for an organization that truly matters in the world which will make them feel more important at the place of employment.


Solar panels on roof


Low Maintenance


Solar energy systems require very little, if any, maintenance after installation. This is different from traditional electric systems as there is always a chance of power outages, power failures or requiring updated wiring and modules.


Solar energy systems will work upwards of twenty-five to forty years after installation depending on how well they are taken care of. Most solar energy systems also come with a warranty that will protect you from expensive costs if anything does happen to your organization's solar energy system.


Final Thoughts


Solar energy is becoming so popular among both domestically and in the workplace, that we’ve seen many new companies emerge over the last 10 years that specialize in installing solar units. The demand has and continues to increase and the supply is growing along with it. These solar systems provide many benefits to your organization. They will save you significant money in energy costs, tax costs and maintenance costs. You will also be more likely to attract greater candidates for employment and will keep those employees longer as they will be more satisfied at work.


About the Author: My name is Austin Winder, a Public Relations Specialist. I live in Memphis, TN and graduated with a business and marketing degree from the University of Memphis. 


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