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Solar Lighting Solutions Provide Alternatives for Businesses

SEPCO 4/11/13 9:30 AM

Solar Lighting SolutionsToday businesses are looking for solutions to save money and become greener. With all the different options on the market to help businesses achieve their goal, solar lighting can be great solution. Solar lights save energy, lower costs and showcase a green attitude.


Interior solar light solutions include skylights and light tubes that use reflectors to bring in natural light to any interior space. These lights provide natural light during daytime and require no energy from the grid to operate. Natural light is also healthier for the people inside the building.


Exterior solar LED lighting solutions run at night and provide security to visitors and employees. The lights charge during the day and store the energy provided by the solar panel in a battery assembly. At dusk, the solar panel acts as a photo sensor and turns the light on. The lights either run all night or for a custom set of operations that are easily programmable.


If electrical lights are still needed inside or outside the building, fluorescent lamps can be a great choice. They consume little electric and provide good lighting. However, they also can cause heath issues to employees.


LEDs provide a much brighter and cleaner light to improve visibility. Also, LEDs consume very little energy and provide more efficient lighting with less power consumption. A typical replacement LED will consume five times lower power than traditional lamps.


The costs of both installations can be higher, but since no grid energy is used to provide the lighting, the payback period or return on investment is quick. Both types of lighting provide a more natural light that is easier to see by and improves the overall health of employees and customers.


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