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Green Travel While Minimizing Damage to the Environment

Posted by SEPCO on 3/28/13 9:30 AM

SEPCO can provide you with solar electric power, helping to reduce the negative impact that you have upon the environment with regards to lighting, but this is only a single step towards living your life in an environmentally conscious manner. In order to truly possess a green existence, it is important to consider ecological issues in every area of your life. One way in which people can minimize the amount of pollution that they create is by ensuring that they opt for methods of transportation that cause the least possible amount of harm to the world that we live in. Whether you are traveling to another city within America or taking a vacation overseas, there are ways of making sure that you don’t pollute the planet any more than you need to. Here are some tips for environmentally friendly travel.

Going on a Cruise

Nowadays more and more people are going on cruise vacations. They are a pleasurable, relaxing way to see the world. However it is important to choose a cruise ship that is ecologically sound. In order to ensure that the boat that you decide on for your journey is an environmentally friendly travel option, you should look at what steps have been put in place to reduce the amount of energy that is taken up by its air conditioning system. The Holland America Line has covered its ship windows with a dark film to provide the cabins and rooms with a degree of protection from the heat generated by the sun, thus decreasing the amount of work that the air con systems have to do. You should also try and go for a ship that is provided by a company that has fuel reduction initiatives in place. In order to ensure that its ships are a green form of travel, Disney Cruise Line keeps the cooking oil that is used to make food on its boats and uses it to power the machinery on Castaway Cay, which is an island that acts as a port for the company’s boats.

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10 years in the Solar Lighting Industry

Posted by SEPCO Staff Authors on 3/26/13 9:30 AM

Here it is Tuesday morning and it is my week to write a blog post.  I think to myself, is this really important, is this the best and most efficient thing I could be doing with my time?  And of course coming from the GenX I Google the benefits of blogging and I come to the conclusion that it is definitely worth it.  Therefore, now I know it is important-- so important that I cannot find the courage to throw something together and move on with my daily tasks.  Surely, someone who has been in the solar lighting industry for 10 years has something to share.  Yesterday I received a call from a lighting designer who will speak on behalf of solar lighting at Lightfair, I find I can be long winded and passionate on the phone when discussing our solar lighting products and how great LED’s have become as well as all the reasons lighting designers should know when to use and feel comfortable specifying solar LED street lighting and beautiful solar decorative lights for their next lighting project. 

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6 Must Have Tools for Working with Electrical Wiring

Posted by SEPCO on 3/21/13 9:30 AM

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Commercial Street Light LED Fixtures Powered By Clean Solar

Posted by SEPCO on 3/19/13 9:30 AM

The last several years have seen the advent of new commercial lighting system technologies that have the potential to significantly reduce operating costs for those that employ them, such as commercial property owners, city and county governments, school districts and home owner's associations. Among these are commercial street light LED fixtures, which can offer reliable, cost efficient and environmentally responsible lighting for a variety of commercial and municipal applications.
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Solar Rail Road Crossing for Remote Locations Improve Safety

Posted by SEPCO on 3/14/13 9:30 AM

One of the many benefits of powering equipment via solar energy is the ability to produce electricity in even the remotest of locations without significant complications and cost. As rail road lines traverse wide swaths of land that of necessity include isolated, "off the grid" areas, rail way crossing warning systems must be provided with a secure and trustworthy electricity supply the doesn't depend on connection to utility lines. Solar rail road crossing flashers are one of the few options available for providing adequate safety at crossings in secluded areas traversed by railways.

A solar powered rail road crossing flasher is a self-contained power supply that can be adapted to the needs of the particular location where it will be used. Often touted as an entirely green source of electricity, solar panels satisfy increasing concerns for the environment while boasting the additional benefits of being low maintenance and long lasting. Solar rail road crossings can be programmed to work at only certain hours of the day to maintain efficiency and can be relocated after their initial installation if the need arrises. Federal, state, and local governments have taken note of this environmentally friendly way of providing safety at rail road crossings by offering incentives and policies that favor the use of solar rail road crossing fixtures. 

Already a common site alongside our highways, solar panels are constantly being adapted to meet our energy needs in ever more convenient and practical ways. Solar rail road crossings are now in use by quite a few railway systems such as the North Carolina Department of Transportation railway crossings and they are likely to be used increasingly in the coming years due to their many advantages. 
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Why You Shouldn't Wait to Use Alternative Energy

Posted by SEPCO on 3/12/13 9:30 AM

In today’s world, there’s a lot of talk about fossil fuels, the greenhouse effect and global warming. These conversations often go hand-in-hand with living a green life, preserving the planet and being eco-conscious. In order to keep up with these talks and form an opinion, it’s important to understand what fossil fuels are and why some people are favoring renewable energy sources.

Non-Renewable vs. Renewable Energy

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Comparing Costs of Solar Lighting to Electrical Lighting

Posted by SEPCO on 3/7/13 9:30 AM

Comparing costs between off-grid solar lighting and traditional electrical grid-powered lighting can often be confusing and seem like a daunting task. Upfront purchase costs, maintenance and utility costs, government incentives and rebates, and environmental costs all need to be taken into account when making these calculations. Once a list of all costs can be prepared for comparison between the two options, the task becomes much less daunting.

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3 Ways to Market Your Business as Green

Posted by SEPCO on 3/5/13 9:36 AM

How is your business different from those of competitors?  Does your brand dedicate itself to excellent customer service, a money-back guarantee, or dedication to the community?  Growing numbers of business owners are making respective businesses distinct, placing more emphasis on ‘going green.’ 

Telecommuting, using energy-efficient light bulbs, and participating in local recycling programs are some implementations exercised by owners with green intentions.  However, those endeavors take place inside the places of business.  But what about the parking lots outside?  Going green is an internal and external business endeavor in modern times.

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