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Read about some of our happy customers

SEPCO has worked closely with many international customers in developed as well as developing countries. Projects have been awarded by united multinational government and banking organizations.

Domestically, SEPCO's customers include nearly all sections of the Federal Government, utilities, states, counties, cities and a wide variety of public and private entities helping them light and power their streets, neighborhoods, parks, buildings, monuments, flags and many other applications.


Domestic Projects

Projects completed in the US

"We illuminated some remote boat ramps, both with a large overhead light and a flashing light, to signal the boaters where the docks were on our Hawaiian island. The lights have performed flawlessly for over six years." 
- Eileen - Hawaii Electric


"Beyond deciding on solar over electric, we needed a company that could provide a wide selection of lighting options to meet our diverse needs. Thank you for lighting up Fort Lauderdale."
- Eve McCollum - Coordinator Neighborhood/Business Capital Improvement Programs, City of Fort Lauderdale


"SEPCO has a technical ability to 'break set' for system design and provide smaller cities with the 'best bang for its buck'." 
- John Drago - City Administrator, City of Okeechobee


"The system SEPCO supplied consisted of circular gas-light style fixtures for area lighting and power-flood fixtures for directional use and they have exceeded our expectations." 
-Gerry Melville - Parks Superintendent, City of Port St. Lucie


"The Park had special lighting needs which required illuminating 250 feet of double parking areas using a minimum number of lighting systems, the SEPCO Double Power-flood system was selected because it illuminated each area with only one solar unit, resulting in a lower project cost." "because of SEPCO, we are now capable of utilizing our park facilities in the evening hours without the concern for public safety and very dark parking lots. We have found SEPCO products to be of high quality and reliability. They are all extremely helpful and honest people." 
-John Fillyaw - Park Manager, Department of Environmental Protection


"...several of our communities have purchased solar lighting systems and found them to be a cost-effective and reliable way to illuminate problem areas. The homeowners in the communities actually like having the solar lights to show visitors their commitment to preserving our environmental resources." 
-Belle Kollin - Community Association Manager, Bent Tree Community Association


"SEPCO has worked closely with us in the design and construction of the specialized units we require. Their innovative approach and solid theoretical background has produced some unique products." 
-David Taplin - Professor of Dermatology and Epidemiology and Public Health, Field Epidemiology Survey Team (FEST)


International Projects

Projects completed around the world

"Over 120 of SEPCO's lights have provided security for our neighborhood over the years. This was never more evident than after Hurricane Floyd ripped up our neighborhood and our development was the only one with lights left illuminating ... proof that our solar street lighting was the highest degree of security the utility could provide." 
- Mark - Community Management, Northern Caribbean.


"The various highway departments in our country have installed nearly 150 SEPCO's commercial solar electric lighting for signs, streets, and traffic control applications. Every time we call about a different application, SEPCO already has done it. All of the systems have performed exceptional even in a harsh desert environment." 
- Mr. Kadri - Middle East


"We have illuminated an 18 km roadway leading from the airport to the seaport. The lights have been reliable and met the specifications since they have been installed and have helped many travelers find their way through the darkness of the night." 
- Tony - Lighting Superintendent, Central Africa


"Our school had no electricity and the government funded project provided solar power systems through that was installed in one week! We now have computers, educational TV and VCR, a refrigerator for school lunch programs, and now our school has advanced into the new millennium." 
- Michael - Professional Engineering Student, St. Lucia


"We tried to use other solar electronics to power a system in the Antarctic environment with no luck. Using patented technology, such as SEPCO's, was the only control electronics which successfully made it through the harsh winters." 
- Jet Propulsion Laboratory-Station Antarctica


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