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Solar Lighting for Data Center Projects

Solar LED lighting systems can be used for many projects around a data center, including for streets, parking lots, and signs.

Learn about how solar lighting can be utilized, helping data centers save money and become more sustainable for our future.

Increased Safety

Increase your data center facility's safety and security, especially from natural disasters and blackouts. Solar isn't affected by many of these issues and can be a reliable lighting source. That way, no matter what mother nature throws at you, you know that your center can depend on the lights.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Utilizing solar LED lighting systems for your data center reduces your impact on the environment by lowering your energy requirements while also lowering the installation impact on the surrounding area. 

Reduce Costs

Installation, maintenance, and utility costs are all associated with lighting. Using solar eliminates the utility costs, while also reducing maintenance and installation costs. No additional wiring, underground utilities, high voltage lines, or the like is required. With solar, you just set the pole and forget it, with the first maintenance five years out in most cases, sometimes longer.

Solar Street Lighting for Data Center Facilities

Streets & Roadways

Entrance and commuter roadways around data centers are necessary for workers to get around. They should provide plenty of illumination for the safety and security of the nightshift workers. Since data centers use a great deal of energy, switching to renewable solar LED lighting systems is a fantastic way for them to reduce their power requirement and load on the grid, and save money too.

Parking Lots

Employee and visitor parking lots around data centers should be well illuminated at night to ensure good visibility and safety of their person and belongings. Using the same solar LED lighting systems like on the roadways can ensure that everyone feels safe. These lights can also be reduced when no one is present and then brought to full intensity when motion is detected.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting Systems
World Quest Resort Solar Sign Light


Entrance and directional signs are important to let people know where you are and how to get around your complex. Since signs are typically installed without the power grid in mind, using solar is a great way to illuminate those signs and not add any additional energy costs. Solar can power both flood illuminated and internally illuminated signs – a versatile solution.

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