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SolarLSQ System

SolarLSQ Building / Pavilion / Entryway Solar LED Lighting System

The SolarLSQ system is a complete system used for building, pavilion, walkway and area lighting projects. The LSQ canopy fixture is an efficient budget friendly fixture and provides a great light output with soft glow lens. This fixture works best for applications for overhead lighting requirements and can evenly illuminate an area 10-15' depending on mounting height.
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The SolarLSQ high powered LED solar lighting system comes complete with solar power assembly, fixture, bracket and all mounting hardware. SEPCO can also provide a pole to meet wind load specifications.


The SolarLSQ solar power assembly ranges from 30 Watts to 550 Watts with the size of the battery assembly allowing for a minimum of five days autonomy. The solar power assembly is sized according to installation location and takes into consideration local weather conditions.


The LSQ fixture is a ceiling mount style fixture and comes complete with LEDs and driver used to operate from the solar charged batteries. The SolarLSQ ranges from 10 to 25 Watts and comes with an impact resistant acrylic diffuser for a soft glow, as well as 3K, 4K and 5K color temperatures. 


The SolarLSQ does not use fixture brackets as the solar is mounted separately from the LSQ fixture(s).


Typically the LSQ solar system mounts to the roof of a building; however, the SolarLSQ system can be remotely mounted to any round pole with a minimum diameter of 4", allowing the solar to face south while not restricting the direction of fixture installation. The system can be purchased complete with a pole for mounting the solar lighting system. The pole options vary in accordance to project needs, wind
load requirements, size of power assembly, foundations and bases. All poles provided by SEPCO meet local AASHTO wind load requirements. Consult local PE for specific needs such as footers, burial depths, etc.

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