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Since 1994
Made in America

Made In America

All SEPCO complete systems are in compliance with the Buy America Act. Our headquarters is located in Stuart, FL, and is where all manufacturing and assembly is completed.


SEPCO systems are made in the USA

SEPCO – Solar Electric Power Company is a manufacturing plant based in Stuart, FL. SEPCO guarantees their commercial solar lighting and off-grid solar power systems meet or exceed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) requirements. The systems also help achieve LEED certification. Please contact your solar specialist for additional information regarding ARRA and LEED information.


Why the Buy America Act is Important:

Job creation 

all of our manufacturing processes is here in the US.

Better economy 

all the money spent on manufacturing, processes, and payroll stays here in the US.

Environmental policies 

the US holds strict environmental policies and keeping all manufacturing here in the US means we have to abide by these policies.


our products do not need to be shipped here from other countries and therefore lowers the overall transportation impact of our products on the world.


SEPCO’s solar lights and solar power systems are compliant with the Buy America Act. Ask your solar specialist for additional information.

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