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Solar Lighting for Dept of Transportation Projects

Solar LED lighting systems can be used for many projects for the Department of Transportation, including for streets, parking lots, flashers, and much more.

Learn about how solar lighting can be utilized, helping the transportation department save money and become more sustainable for our future.

Increased Safety

Increase DOT's safety and security, especially from natural disasters and blackouts. Solar isn't affected by many of these issues and can be a reliable lighting source. That way, no matter what mother nature throws at you, you know that the department can depend on the lights.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Utilizing solar LED lighting systems for the department of transportation will reduce the impact on the environment. This is achieved by lowering energy usage and reliance on the power grid while costing DOT nothing for power.

Reduce Costs

Installation, maintenance, and utility costs are all associated with lighting. Using solar eliminates the utility costs, while also reducing maintenance and installation costs. No additional wiring, underground utilities, high voltage lines, or the like is required. With solar, you just set the pole and forget it, with the first maintenance five years out in most cases, sometimes longer.

Martin County Airport Solar Street Lighting

Streets & Roadways

Streets and roadways illuminated by solar LED lighting systems provide the department with a renewable way to provide illumination. Not only is solar the perfect choice in areas where the grid power doesn't exist, like in rural or remote areas, but it can also decrease their dependency on utilities in main areas. 

Parking Lots

Department of transportation facility parking lots require illumination for nighttime workers to provide added safety and security. Solar can fill the gap when traditional grid power doesn't exist at a site, or the department is looking to increase its safety without increasing utility costs. 

MCAS Miramar BEQ Solar Parking Lot Lighting
Vehicle Overheight Detection System Solar powered


The Department of Transportation provides safety to the public through the inclusion of crosswalks, specialty zones such as schools, railroad crossings, vehicle over height detection systems and so much more. Using solar for areas such as crosswalks for flashers will help improve the area in question while not adding to the grid. 


DOT directional signs are at times located in very remote areas, way outside the grid extension. Solar can easily fill in and provide power for internal LED signs or power a floodlight or two, or four, to illuminate a large monument sign. Solar has even been used for many other types of signs, such as banners, billboards and more. 

Polk County Solar LED Sign Lighting

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