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Commercial Solar LED Lighting Systems

Complete system specifications and information on various solar LED lighting systems we provide. Each system is manufactured to meet a specific purpose and designed using local installation information to determine solar sizing, battery backup needs, light levels, etc. No one-size-fits-all solution here.

Everglades City SolarViper System


The SolarViper high-powered LED solar lighting system provides even illumination and task-specific lighting. The Viper is perfect for high and low installations and works for large-scale projects such as streets, roadways, parking lots, etc. as well as low-level projects such as walkways, pathways, and general area lighting.

High Powered LED Solar Lighting System

Fredericksburg Baseball SolarRatio System


The SolarRatio shoebox style LED lighting system provides a high-level illumination for large-scale projects. The SolarRatio is great where taller poles are necessary. Installations include streets, parking lots, security, area, walkways, and pathways.

Shoebox Style Solar Lighting System

NIST SolarASL System


The SolarASL LED lighting system provides high-level illumination for large-scale projects. The SolarASL works for various applications including streets, roadways, parking lots, pathways, walkways, and general area lighting.

Overhead Solar Lighting System

Polk County SolarRFL System


The SolarRFL features high-powered floodlights. The SolarRFL is perfect for small landscape and sign lighting applications, large monument, and billboard signs, along with large overhead floodlighting and general area applications.

LED Flood Solar Lighting System

Manatee County SolarUrban System


The SolarUrban features a high-powered LED decorative bell-shaped fixture to use for even illumination with a flair. This system is perfect for roadways, parking lots, pathways, walkways, and areas where aesthetics are important.

Decorative LED Solar Lighting System

Sunnyside Park SolarLSQ System


The SolarLSQ canopy solar lighting system features a high-powered LED canopy light fixture and a roof-mounted or remote pole-mounted solar power assembly. The system works perfectly for canopies, pavilions, restrooms, shelter structures, etc.

Canopy LED Solar Lighting System

Hialeah SolarTransit System


The SolarTransit is a high-powered LED lighting system used for bus stops and bus shelters along a transit route for safety for travelers. It comes complete with solar and integrated fixture assembly. Pole mounted and shelter structure integrated systems are available.

Bus Stop / Shelter Solar Lighting System

Washington Fair Grounds SolarLondon System


The SolarLondon LED decorative coach-style walkway lighting system. This system is perfect for walkways, pathways, HOAs, general area lighting. The system can either use post-top mounts with separate solar or have the fixture on the arm with the solar at the top of the pole.

Decorative Coach Solar Lighting System

MCAS SolarSlide System


The SolarSlide LED decorative post-top style lighting system. This system is perfect for walkways, pathways, HOAs, apartment complexes, and general area lighting. The solar is typically installed remotely with the light fixtures on their own poles.

Decorative Post Top Solar Lighting System

Coral Villas Park SolarBollard System


The SolarBollard is a pathway lighting system used for low lighting for walking paths and trails. The solar power system is remotely mounted for security and to allow the bollards to be placed where needed along the pathway area.

LED Bollard Solar Lighting Systems

29 Palms SolarFlasher System


The SolarFlasher is a warning flasher system used for traffic signs, traffic warnings, railroad crossings, school zones, or anywhere a flashing beacon is needed on roadways.

Traffic and Warning Flasher Solar Systems

Perris Dam SolarSecurity System


The SolarSecurity features LED utility security style fixture to operate from an off-grid solar power system. The system offers an economical solution for remote area security lighting needs.

Utility Security LED Solar Lighting System

DR Horton Shelters


The SolarRWL features an LED wall-pack style fixture to operate from an off-grid solar power system. The system offers an economical solution for remote area lighting needs.

Wall Wash LED Solar Lighting System

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