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Who We Are
And What We Do Here At SEPCO

With over 30 years of experience, SEPCO is known as the pioneer in the industry. While our roots date back to 1979, we have been exclusively manufacturing commercial solar lighting and off-grid solar power systems under the SEPCO name since 1994.


Protecting property, people and assets is the job of exterior lighting. Solar LED lighting not only offers better visibility and wards off potential threats, but it also offers security from brownouts and blackouts.


There is no more renewable resource than the sun. Capturing its energy to light up dark buildings and roadways is a great way to honor our resources. Ease of installation makes adding light to fragile environments a lot less hassle and harmful.


Energy savings are natural with solar LED lighting systems. Sunlight is plentiful and photovoltaic panels can harvest energy where grids do not reach. Additional advantages are low maintenance and ease of installation.


SEPCO wants to help you save energy costs and go greener with your next exterior lighting project. Our lighting designers will assist you in choosing the right illumination levels and luminaires from our broad selection of solar-ready LED fixtures.


Solar Electric Power Company is the leading manufacturer of commercial solar LED lighting and remote power systems. Our products offer the perfect solution where the power grid is either unobtainable or cost-prohibitive. We provide experience with quality, stand behind our products, and take pride in our work. 


Mr. Steven R. Robbins founded SEPCO - Solar Electric Power Company in 1994 and still plays an active role. Steve realized the potential of solar and began his career in the industry in 1979. By 1981 he had been involved in his first patent work and also his first solar electric project. By 1992, Steve had patented the first solar street light and solar bus stop lighting system.

SEPCO's company goals are unique. He is very excited about solar and loves to share his knowledge of the technology. Steve has always desired to have his corporation move forward on pride, experience, and truth. He carefully selects his employees so that each facet of the company truly cares about the product.
While SEPCO is on the innovative front with many new technologies, we carefully design products using components that have been vigorously researched and field-proven.
All SEPCO's products are distinguished by:
  • Robust design and high quality, rugged commercial-grade construction
  • Exceptional performance, reliability, and long life expectancy as demonstrated in thousands of existing projects around the world
  • Excellent customer service and responsive support
  • SEPCO's experience in designing products to perform within harsh environments is unparalleled
  • Competitive cost with the competition with a top of the line design and materials

SEPCO promises to stay at the innovative forefront with our product line while paying close attention to evolving environmental concerns.

As of 2022, SEPCO has now become a woman-owned and operated business.


Through a strategic partnership with Current HLI Brands for exterior outdoor with AAL, Beacon, Exo, and Kim Lighting, SEPCO is pleased to offer solar solutions featuring the following products on an OEM basis:


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