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3 Expected Solar Changes in 2014

Posted by SEPCO on 9/26/13 9:30 AM

Solar lighting is one of the fastest moving vehicles in modern science – whether it’s the vast installations you fly by on the highway or the domestic lighting you use in your yard.  Developments in the field might not seem immediately relevant to the home user who’s just trying to save a few pennies and do their bit for the environment – but the big changes filter down through the market and are important to us all.

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Benefits of Solar Powered Security Lights

Posted by SEPCO on 9/24/13 7:30 AM

The best way to keep your parking lot, street corners and public places lit, like parks, clinics and municipal buildings, are the use of solar powered security lights. The reasons are simple; low maintenance, un-compromised performance and zero energy use. 

Maintenance is virtually non-existent. Modern versions are powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will last for years before it needs replacement. The high output LED lights will virtually never burn out and the solar panel is maintenance free. Once the light is in place, the only maintenance there will be is to change the battery, and that won't happen for years down the road.

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Improving Your Home and Saving Energy: A UK Perspective

Posted by SEPCO on 9/19/13 9:30 AM

When examining energy policy on a broad basis, it’s clear that European governments are committed to making significant reductions in the levels of greenhouse gas emissions. By the year 2020, all EU governments are aiming to reduce emissions to some 20% below levels that were seen in 1990.

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How to Choose a Solar Street Light Manufacturer

Posted by SEPCO on 9/17/13 9:30 AM

The industry of solar street lighting manufacturing has advanced immensely from 2008 to today. Many solar companies have emerged as solar lighting experts, but how can you know if the solar street lighting manufacturer is a company that you can rely on? The following five questions will help clients to ask the correct questions to choose the solar street light manufacturing company they can actually count on:

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Solar Accessories: New Age Technology For Buyers

Posted by SEPCO on 9/12/13 9:30 AM

The role of technology Ever since we discovered fire and invented the wheel, we have always used technology to reduce workload and ease the pains of everyday living. With mechanization and the advent of electricity, most of our enervating chores are carried out without physical discomfort. But with more and more gadgets for our daily needs and leisure, our dependence on power has increased manifold. Not only is this burning a hole in our pockets, it is also wrecking short and long-term damage to our environment.

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Park Safety with Solar Walkway Lighting

Posted by SEPCO on 9/10/13 9:30 AM

A city municipality in the greater Miami area turned to SEPCO to design a custom solar power walkway lighting system for a small park located in the middle of a residential neighborhood.  The challenge was to create strong enough illumination for the neighborhood residents to be able to enjoy and feel safe walking in the park during park’s evening hours, yet not so much light as to disturb residents with homes adjacent to the park.

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Fighting for Solar – Know Your Rights

Posted by SEPCO on 9/5/13 10:05 AM

With all the benefits of using solar power becoming more widely realized, many homeowners are looking to put solar panels on their roof to offset their electric bills while also helping the environment. Many communities and HOAs do not like these solar installations and will try to tell you that the installation is not allowed. This is completely untrue and knowing your rights will help you fight for your solar rights. I received a great email from Solar Citizen that explains just how you can fight for your rights and I had to share with you.

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Solar Street Light with Sensors for Lower Power Use

Posted by SEPCO on 9/3/13 9:30 AM

Solar street lights are a great way to bring in lighting without having to trench in traditional electrical power; however, they can be costly. There are ways to lower the usage throughout the night and lower the cost of the solar power. Using sensors are one of the best ways to lower the power needs of the solar street light and provide a much faster ROI then ever imagined.

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