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FL1 Flood Solar Light Fixture



  • The FL-1 fixture uses solid state / light emitting diode (LED) light source
  • 12 VDC 17 Watt w/ 6 LED or 24 Watt w/ 12 LED
  • Multiple NEMA ratings for task specific lighting
  • Die-cast aluminum housing with silicone gasket for wet locations, muliple pole and surface mounting configurations



The light fixture assembly is a flood style fixture and comes complete with LEDs and driver used to operate the fixture from the solar charged batteries. The light fixture can be mounted anywhere up to 100’ away from the solar system.

APPLICATIONS: Signs, Billboards, Flags, Landscape Areas, Accent Lighting
HOUSING: Die Cast Aluminum
FINISH: Black, Bronze, Green, Gray, White, Metallic Bronze, Metallic Titanium
OPTICAL ASSEMBLY: 2x2 Narrow Flood, 4x4 Medium Flood, 5x3 Horizontal Flood
LAMPING: 17 or 24 Watt LED
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