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ING InGrade Solar Light Fixture

  • ING InGrade Fixture


  • The InGrade fixture uses solid state / light emitting diode (LED) light source
  • 12 VDC electronic drivers
  • Powerful 3W LED projection beam
  • Die Cast Aluminum construction with protective epoxy powder paint finish


APPLICATIONS: Walkways, Courtyards, Pathways, Flags, Bus Shelters, Bus Stops, Pavilions
HOUSING: Die Cast Aluminum
FINISH: Pewter
OPTICAL ASSEMBLY: Specular Anodized Aluminum Reflectors

Solar InGrade Fixture Overview:


The light fixture assembly is a recessed light for accent lighting for flags, pathways, overhead recessed lighting and provides a hidden light source. The InGrade fixture is typically used for bus stop, bus shelter, walkway, pavillions and courtyard lighting. The light fixture can be mounted where needed with the solar remotely mounted on a pole or roof.


SEPCO solar light fixtures are used in our complete solar lighting systems and includes the solar power assembly with mounting, battery assembly and fixture. SEPCO can also provide a pole to meet wind load specifications.