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The SEPCO Difference

1. Experience

Manufacturing since 1994

As a commercial solar lighting pioneer (SEPCO Founder/President Steve Robbins designed and patented the world’s first commercial solar street light) and industry leader for over two decades with 1,000’s of successful solar lighting projects around the world, SEPCO is the ideal partner for your solar lighting project.

2. High Performance Fixtures

No dim lights here

SEPCO partners with major lighting manufacturers (Hubbell Lighting, Kim Lighting, Beacon Products, Sloan LED) as the means to offer SEPCO customers the absolute highest quality and best performing LED light fixtures on the market. These fixtures are the same style architects offer allowing aesthetics to be the same in solar applications.

3. Protective Panel Pans

Helping keep your investment safe

SEPCO solar arrays feature full marine grade aluminum panel pans, power riveted to the backside of the solar array, to protect highly vulnerable back-side of solar array from wind-blown debris and vandalism.

4. Wind Load Rating

Standing tall even after a storm

Thanks to SEPCO’s unique robotically welded one-piece power bracket that bolts directly to the rear channel that is robotically welded to aluminum panel pan outlined above. SEPCO solar power assemblies are structurally certified to meet wind force requirements.

5. Best Warranty in the Biz

We stand by our work

Using only top of the line components and materials, SEPCO solar lighting systems are backed by the best warranty in the industry.

6. GSA Contractor

Working with the goverment to provide the best

SEPCO is a proud GSA contractor for over 10 years: Contract Number GS07F0288M 

7. ARRA Status

Why not buy America?

SEPCO solar lighting systems are made in the USA and meet all guidelines for ARRA approved projects

8. Customer Service

How can SEPCO help you today?

Customers can rely on SEPCO’s outstanding customer service throughout the entire sales, installation and regularly scheduled maintenance process.

9. Veteran Owned

Support our troops

Steve Robbins (SEPCO Founder/President) is a proud US Veteran

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