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Solar Power: Eco Friendly Energy Consumption

Posted by SEPCO on 12/27/12 9:30 AM

Solar power is the form of renewable energy available for human actions apart from wind, tide, and hydroelectric energy. There are several different techniques and technologies developed to use this natural energy. It is estimated that very little part of solar energy is efficiently used.

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Merry Christmas from SEPCO

Posted by SEPCO on 12/25/12 9:30 AM

Merry Christmas from SEPCOHope everyone has a wonderful holiday...
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Fantastic Plastic (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 12/20/12 9:30 AM

In today's consumer world, plastic is everywhere. From plentiful stores of bottled water to disposable plasticware to the containers that hold our store-bought food. It seems like you can't go out shopping without running into a good deal of plastic. And while this material is strong, reliable, and undoubtedly useful, we also may have way too much of the stuff that isn't being reused.

Plastic Infographic
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Impact Of EV Solar Charging Stations (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 12/18/12 9:30 AM

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly more popular for many reasons. Not only do they save you money at the pump, they also are a healthy alternative to modern forms of transportation. And the amount of emissions given off is decreasing as technology for these vehicles increases. The more of these cars on the road means less pollution in our air. Studies have shown future electric vehicles will emit little to no pollution. The infographic lays out the health benefits and overall advantages that come with these vehicles. The downside is that they do not have the distance capability like gas-fueled cars. However, studies have shown that soon they will be able to outperform their gas-guzzling counterpart. Already, big car companies like Nissan, Chevrolet, and Ford have all come out with their own electric vehicle. Today, more and more people are making more of a conscious effort to do good for the environment. Convert to solar charged driving today and do a good thing for your environment.

Impact Of EV Solar Charging Stations
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Going Green - Ways to Save Water

Posted by SEPCO on 12/13/12 9:30 AM

Of all of the things that people take for granted, water is probably number one.  We see it every day and for most of us it is incredibly easy to find. As anyone in the green movement knows, what is easy is likely not sustainable. Mankind as a whole must take steps to ensure that our drinking supply does not diminish to the point that it becomes a crisis. Some countries are in a better position than others to use both technology and common sense to preserve our water supply. America is one of these countries, and there are simple actions that you can take in your everyday life to help out.

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Four R’s to Reduce Christmas Waste

Posted by SEPCO on 12/12/12 9:30 AM

Holiday season is one of the best times of the year. The celebration involves giving gifts, cooking special recipes and buying stuff needed for the event. Indeed, it is very festive!

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Renewable Energy: Questions Answered

Posted by SEPCO on 12/11/12 9:30 AM

In a time of rising energy costs and environmental concerns, renewable energy is a hot topic, and one that we hear talked about politically, environmentally and socially. But it’s not always clear what renewable energy is, and how everyday Australians can use and access it.

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Green Ways We Can Improve Our Cities (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 12/6/12 9:30 AM

The environment is in danger, but fortunately, going green can help save the environment from further degradation. One of the things that people can do to save the environment is reduce waste consumption by encouraging recycling. Seventy-five percent of the waste in the United States is recyclable. However, studies have shown that only five percent of it is recycled.

Green Ways We Can Improve Our Cities
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Illuminated Signs with Solar Lights For Advertising And Marketing

Posted by SEPCO on 12/4/12 9:30 AM

Solar powered signs are being introduced at businesses, schools, hospitals and governmental office across the country as a way to advertise and market services. The signs are standard signs but are illuminated by solar lights to create an attractive and functional mechanism to get a message out. The signs combine solar power with current sign building techniques, therefore requiring no special modification to existing signs. The solar panel and light can either be mounted on the top of the sign or can be located a short distance from the sign. The solar panel harnesses solar energy during the day then provides the energy required to operate the solar lights that then illuminates the sign after dark. 

The biggest cost saver; the sign does not require the infrastructure that is takes to connect to electric lines as a power source. These sun-charged illuminated signs are quickly gaining in popularity. This can be explained by the economical benefits of the energy savings realized by not paying into the grid. There are also associated practical benefits. These types of signs can be used in remotes spots where grid connection can be complicated and expensive. Solar panels can solve this problem. For example, remote sections of parking lots can be illuminated to provide better security.

The illuminated signs can also be utilized for many other purposes including advertising and marketing. They could be used to illuminate signs at schools or municipal buildings to announce upcoming events past regular hours. The signs can even be used by a Realtor to give an edge over competition by illuminating a sign to advertise a house for sale beyond normal daylight hours.

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