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Solar Power: Eco Friendly Energy Consumption

SEPCO 12/27/12 9:30 AM
Solar Power: Eco Friendly Energy Consumption

Solar power is the form of renewable energy available for human actions apart from wind, tide, and hydroelectric energy. There are several different techniques and technologies developed to use this natural energy. It is estimated that very little part of solar energy is efficiently used.


Solar power is not limited. It can be used for different purposes like water heating, water purification, cooking, lights, solar panels, solar inverters, and for space heating and cooling. Solar buildings became popular in present days. It uses different techniques for efficient utilization of solar power to regulate the temperature of the building thereby eliminating the use of electrical devices. A recent study says that nearly 50000 trillion of solar energy is available per year. This occupies a higher proportion compared to other energies like tide energy, wind energy, etc. It is also estimated that millions of people will shift to this eco-friendly homes in the coming years.


Modern solar power systems consist of augmenting glass apart from water pipes. The glasses present on the system are responsible for focusing the light on the fluid pipes. With this the fluid gets heated up. Generally, these pipes are available in black color which absorbs the total solar power and it is made of reflective silver surface which reflects the sunlight. The heat generated in this process heats up the water in the pipe thereby saving large amount of gas and electricity. Solar technology is classified into two types active and passive based on its conversion and distribution.


It is a successful form of energy used for both residential and industrial purposes. Fossil fuels are the organic form of solar energy that has a major impact on the environment. Global warming and pollution are the striking issues in the present world. Due to this solar power has gained popularity. With the advancements in solar technology, it became an affordable form of energy compared to fossil fuels. For example manufacturing cost of photovoltaic cells has decreased by 5% when compared to previous year rates. By this we can observe that it became the most affordable form of energy. The energy released by a kilowatt of solar power is equal to the sweltering of 76kg of charcoal which releases harmful carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. According to the energy industry giant by 2040, 60% of global energy will be occupied by renewable sources.


This natural energy is used for electrical needs. Photovoltaic cells transform solar power into direct electric current. This stored energy can be directly used for home or industrial purposes or it can be utilized in the form of batteries. This energy can be used in our daily life applications such as domestic lighting, electrification, water pumping, purification of saltwater, powering telecommunication networks, generating railway signals, etc.


Solar energy has many advantages. It is renewable energy compared to conventional sources. It is the cost-efficient energy. Once if you pay the installation cost, electricity supplied by the solar panels will be utilized for free of cost. Due to the advancements in solar systems the efficiency of the device power has been increased. It eliminates the transmission cost as the energy will be produced and consumed at the same location.


Author Bio: The guest post was contributed by Lucy, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Wrote many articles on ppi claims . Find out more about her finance-related blogs @financeport.


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