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SEPCO is the worldwide leader in solar lighting and off grid solar power systems. We are helping the world go green by taking the lights off the grid.

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3 Ways Solar Lighting Can Enhance Bike Paths in 2021

on 5/3/21 6:00 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Solar Lighting Guest Post Pathway Lighting Solar Lighting Design
  We all need to be physically active if we want to be healthy and fit. Working out regularly can help protect our bodies from numerous illnesses, including arthritis, diabetes, mental illness, and cancer, among others. And one of the best workouts that can exercise our entire body at the same time is cycling. Cycling can be a fun activity, and many cities have built numerous bike paths and trails for people to work out. 
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Safety Provided By Solar Lighting

on 4/26/21 6:00 AM By | SEPCO | 1 Comment | Solar Lighting SEPCO News & Information Security Lighting
  There are many cases where additional lighting is required to add safety and security to a site. Sometimes these sites are very remote and do not have access to grid power. Solar lighting, particularly off-grid solar lighting systems, come in handy for these types of installations.
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How Solar Can Increase Your Commercial Property Value

on 4/19/21 6:00 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Solar Lighting Guest Post Solar Power Renewable Energy Conservation
  There are a few different ways you can think of value. You might consider the resale value of your property. You can also consider how your property serves to reduce the overhead costs your business incurs.   We’re going to look at how solar power can help on both of these fronts. More specifically, we’re going to analyze how off-grid solar power can boost your property’s value. It’s worth mentioning that grid-tied power can increase a property’s value too. We’re looking at off-grid power today for two reasons:
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What Are The Benefits Of Installing Solar Bollards?

  With technological developments on the rise, the increased popularity and advancements of solar bollards are a milestone. The lights use highly efficient solar energy and offer an alternative source of energy. Installing solar-powered bollards does not only enhance safety but also contributes to making the Earth greener. Moreover, the cut back on the electrical costs is a huge benefit.
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5 New Solar Power Technologies in 2021

  In the last forty years, there has been a dynamic increase in the use of solar energy in the United States. As recently as 2018, an additional 10.6 GW of solar power was harnessed, bringing the country's total use up to 64.2 GW. Yet this apparently successful addition still only contributes 1.6% of the total electricity used across the States. However, with many new solar power technologies on the horizon, the increase could soon be much greater.
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Benefits of Choosing Solar Lighting

  Solar lighting systems provide security and illumination in needed areas when grid power is unattainable or costly to bring to a site. It is also great in applications where a company is looking for a grid alternative to showcase their green initiative, or for companies looking to get LEED points for a new project installation.   
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When to Transition A Commercial Space to Solar Energy

  Commercial property owners are constantly strategizing for ways to improve their margins both in the short-term, by getting quality tenets inked for leases, and in the long-term, by improving property value so they can get higher quality tenets and charge more per month.  
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5 Components of a Reliable Off Grid Lighting System

on 3/2/21 10:00 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Solar Lighting Solar Power LED Lighting Solar Lighting Design
  There are many different variables with an off grid lighting system in todays market. Understanding what each component consists of, how it relates to the whole system in general, and what are the differences between system setups, will guarantee you make an informed decision when purchasing your next off grid solar lighting system.
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Review of Solar Pathway Lighting Systems for Walking Trails

  Solar lighting systems come in many shapes and sizes. From large scale overhead systems that operate all night and have huge solar panels and battery backups, to small scale systems that operate the light only a few hours per night, solar can fit in for most walking trail applications. Here is a quick overview of some of the systems that you will find online today and their pros and cons.
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Solar LED Parking Lot Lighting for Residential Areas

on 2/1/21 10:00 AM By | SEPCO | 1 Comment |
  Most of the time, when you think of commercial solar lighting systems, you think a commercial installation such as a business park, city roadway, etc. However, these lights can also be setup to provide lighting for applications such as residential parking lots for apartments and condos. The lights will provide safety and security for residents and visitors to the area while saving the association or management company money in utilities.
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