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Wishing You a Wonderful Thanksgiving

Posted by SEPCO on 11/28/13 8:30 AM

We here at SEPCO would like to wish you a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving.

  • Looking for a way to help the needy, check out DoSomething
  • Looking for something to laugh at, check out BuzzFeed or check out a few videos I put together (I'm sure you can find more to add, so please let me know what you find)
  • Looking for overall inspirations, check out Pinterest and Tumblr for lots of great ideas.

In the end, have a wonderful day with friends and family! 

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Happy Hanukkah 2013

Posted by SEPCO on 11/27/13 9:30 AM

Just saving the earth a little more and sending out a quick ecard on our blog to wish you all a Happy Hanukkah!
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Climate Resistance: How 3 Companies Fight the Good Fight

Posted by SEPCO on 11/21/13 9:30 AM

Beyond the well-being of polar bears and state of melted glacial caps, the effects of climate change range far and wide. They touch all corners of the globe. They shift weather patterns, affect human health and diminish freshwater supplies.

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Documentary Review: Addicted to Plastic

Posted by SEPCO on 11/19/13 9:30 AM

“The Roman empire may have been defeated by lead in their water pipes. I learned that we too might be risking future generations with the cheapest, strongest, most ubiquitous material ever invented. Plastic might be quietly poisoning us” – Ian Connacher. This is a great opening to a great documentary on plastic. Even though it was released in 2008, five years later it is still relevant.

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America Recycles Day: What is it and How To Get Involved

Posted by SEPCO on 11/14/13 9:30 AM

I was going through different green holidays and came across America Recycles Day. For someone involved in the green revolution for most of her life, I couldn’t imagine never hearing of this before. So I looked into it and figured I’d explain it to you. Maybe we can all work together and get more involved to make the world a little greener in the end.

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LED Lighting: A Natural Choice For Your Next Renovation

Posted by SEPCO on 11/12/13 9:30 AM

When renovating a property, or part of your home, lighting is often an aspect which is left until the end. Planning ahead can give you the opportunity to update and even integrate your lighting, providing light where it is needed, and potentially reducing your bills in the process.

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Green Living: Your Checklist Creating an Environmentally Friendly Home

Posted by SEPCO on 11/7/13 9:30 AM

As environmental awareness is flooding into our everyday lives, “green living” is fast developing into an economical trend and the good news is, being a good global citizen doesn’t require a huge amount of effort. The most minor changes around the home can result in beneficial changes to our planet, your own wellbeing and the happiness of your wallet. Now with green products and techniques no longer part of a boutique industry, the chance to plant your own footprint into making a difference has never been easier. Every little bit helps and there are numerous ways to effectively improve your home’s efficiency and live in an environmentally friendly home. Here are few to get you started:

Window Treatments

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Color Your Daydreams Green: Green Cars Based on a Fictional Car Crush

Posted by SEPCO on 11/5/13 9:30 AM

It’s not always easy being green, especially if you like the supercharged cars from television shows like Supernatural, The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, or the sleek sports cars from the James Bond movies. But you can still have a healthy helping of your daydreams in real life and keep your commitment to an environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

Here are some possible car crushes you may have and the green car to match:

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