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Happy New Year 2014

Posted by SEPCO on 12/31/13 9:30 AM

Just saving the earth a little more and sending out a quick ecard on our blog to wish you all a Happy New Year!
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What To Do With All That Holiday Waste

Posted by SEPCO on 12/26/13 9:30 AM

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Merry Christmas 2013

Posted by SEPCO on 12/24/13 9:30 AM

Just saving the earth a little more and sending out a quick ecard on our blog to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!
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This Article Will Change the Way You Think About Solar Energy

Posted by SEPCO on 12/19/13 9:30 AM

Most people by now will have heard of solar energy and will have a good idea of what it is, but that doesn't mean that they necessarily know everything there is to know about it. Indeed scientists don't know everything there is to know about solar energy, which is partly what makes it so fascinating. So even if you think you have a good grasp on what solar energy is and how it works, you probably don't know everything there is to know about it - nor just how amazing it really is. Read on and I'll show you…

The Basics:

Let's start with the basics. The first thing you may not realise is that the sun provides us with two types of energy which can both be considered 'solar' energy. One is heat (solar thermal), and the other is light (solar voltaic). It's light energy from the sun that most of us are interested in and that most solar panels use as it is a more efficient source of power.

Solar voltaic power works by using electrons that have been arranged into a particular pattern. This arrangement is such that when those electrons are hit by light, they will then be 'excited' and will start to move as a current. This is the current we then harness and transform in order to power lights, computers and more.

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Energy Deregulation and Your Small Business

Posted by SEPCO on 12/17/13 9:30 AM

Energy deregulation is all about having the ability to choose your own electricity provider, rather than being forced to accept the rates of one local provider. As an individual, your primary benefit lies in the amount of money you can save, choosing the provider with the best offer. However, if you are the owner of a small business, energy deregulation can have an even greater impact on your business, affecting it a number of different ways.

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Renewable Energy is Everywhere: Hotels Leading the Way

Posted by SEPCO on 12/10/13 9:30 AM

Through wind energy, solar energy, biofuels, geothermal industry and reuse methods, the world is changing to renewable energy and resourceful methods of handling waste. Just by looking at the travel industry, you can see how innovative some of the companies have become. It's necessary that this happens, and many businesses across world markets are realizing the rapidly increasing market for renewable energy. By looking at some of the businesses in the travel industry, it's easier to see how far technology has come and how much other businesses could contribute by adopting these sustainable energy methods.

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6 Ways LED Technology is Changing the Signage Industry

Posted by SEPCO on 12/5/13 9:30 AM

Signs have long been a popular way of marketing, posting warnings or communicating information. Traditional printed or lit signs offer limited flexibility and visibility. Fluorescent signs offer improved visibility but are prone to damage and less energy efficient. These are six ways that LED technology is changing the signage industry.

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5 Useful Tools for a Successful Commercial Solar Lighting Project

Posted by SEPCO on 12/3/13 9:30 AM

There are many things to consider when using commercial solar light systems for any project. First and foremost, not all solar lights are created equal and there is definitely no “one size fits all” solution. Due to sun hour differences in different parts of the world as well as needs for every project can be completely different, utilizing these five tools and working with a qualified solar lighting specialist will ensure your commercial solar lighting project be a successful one.

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