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Why Trench When You Can Go Solar?

Posted by SEPCO

5/3/12 9:30 AM

Trenching EquipmentOne of the largest costs associated with new lighting projects is the cost of trenching in the electric from the main source. Trenching not only costs more, but it tears up the surrounding area and damages landscaping, structures, and pathways. Why not go solar instead and redistribute the money used for expensive trenching and put it into a renewable resource with an actual payback.

Many times, the lighting is the last part of a project such as parking lots, roadways, signs, and many other projects. Once the lighting needs are discovered, trenching of the power is needed to provide power to the new lights. Imagine trenching through a new parking lot. Not only does it cost for the equipment, but also repairing the damages to the parking lot, installing of the new lights, and now you have to pay the electric company every month to light those fixtures.

Instead, solar lights are completely self-contained. The solar panel feeds the battery assembly during the day and the lighting controller turns on the light at dusk for whatever operating profile is needed for the application. All the wiring is located at the top of the pole and therefore no trenching is required. The only installation required is the pole. And after a few short years, the lights start paying for themselves since there are no other costs associated with solar lights.

With solar costs going down and solar panel efficiency going up, going solar is becoming more popular. What do you think the largest cost associated with lighting is?

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