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6 Reasons LED Lights Are Becoming the Go To Option

Posted by SEPCO on 9/8/11 9:30 AM

LED Lights

LED Lightsare gaining popularity for many reasons. Here is a quick rundown of what makes them the go to option.

1.  LED lamps last longer than any other lamp on the market. Their typical life expectancy is over 50,000 hours. This means less cost for lamp changes and less time left in the dark.

2.  LEDs use less electricity and run on DC power. This makes LEDs the go to option for solar powered lighting systems as there is no converter needed. For standard lighting applications the converter is built into the lamp so no extra parts are required to run the lamp.

3.  Color options are endless with LED lights since the LEDs themselves can be colored for the specific needs of the user. No filters are required to get the color required for any project.

4.  Applications vary from strand lights to bulb shaped lights and everywhere in between. Small solar LED lights can be used in the garden to provide ambient lighting for pathways or social gathering areas. They can also be used in a large number for commercial uses such as for buildings, streets, and signs.

5.  LED lights are safer as they contain no murcury like fluorescent lamps, have no glass tubes that can break, and are resistant to vibrations and impact.

6.  LED lamps can be fitted into any fixture. Lamps are becoming redily available for household use and can be fitted from small to large, round to square, and thin long fixtures.

So LED lamps, whether for solar or standard electricity, are becoming the best option.

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