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How Solar Panels Work (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 1/10/17 10:00 AM

Solar panels produce electricity by turning the sun's rays into power. This power is either put directly back into the grid or stored in batteries for use at a later time. The below infographic was shared by SaveOnEnergy.com

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How Wind Turbines Work (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 8/2/16 10:00 AM

The modern marvel that is the wind turbine is doing amazing things to produce clean energy. Since as far back as 200 B.C., windmills have been used to grind grain or draw water, but electricity didn't start being produced until 1888. Those first turbines aren't as efficient as the ones we are deploying all over the world today, but it is great to look back on where we started from.


Today, wind power systems generate power for schools, buildings, homes and so much more. Take a look at what makes these massive windmills work and see how the energy is produced in this great graphic below: 

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How Popular are LED Lights? (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 3/22/16 10:00 AM

The popularity of LED lights is growing year by year and should outnumber other light sources by 2020. Below, check out an infographic about some of the reasons they are growing in implementation by homeowners and businesses alike. Have you installed LED lights yet? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Sustainable Energy for All - What Will It Take? (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 8/22/13 9:57 AM

I found this great infographic on Pinterest the other day and wanted to share it with you. What would it take for there to be sustainable energy for everyone in the world? The infographic goes over three main global goals that need to be implemented; Energy Access, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. 

Sustainable Energy for All
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Bringing the World Back to Zero (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 6/27/13 9:30 AM

With the impact we are having on the world today, moving towards zero will be difficult, but can be done. The Infographic below can show you exactly what steps need to be taken to accomplish this. There is also information on the typical person and family's carbon footprint including traveling and what you can do to help bring us back to zero by offsetting the carbons we throw into the atmosphere. Let us know your ideas.

Energy Innovation: From the Crowd
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Reduce Energy Grid Drain With Energy Star (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 6/6/13 9:30 AM

When considering a new home, energy efficiency should be a foremost concern. Especially if the plan is to make a home that is self-sufficient for energy needs. While most homes don’t come standard with solar panels and windmills, there is an increasing number of new homes that are Energy Star certified. These homes must pass standards for energy efficiency as laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency who runs the Energy Star program. Ryan Homes has created the following graphic to illustrate how much an Energy Star certified home saves on energy costs annually when compared to a typical, non-certified new home.

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The Journey of the Sun (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 5/30/13 9:30 AM

In 1839 the first photovoltaic reaction was observed, 48 years later the solar cell was born. For the past century and more we have been harnessing the power of the sun to do everything from powering ATM machines in India to helping European nations become sustainable.

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Fantastic Plastic (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 12/20/12 9:30 AM

In today's consumer world, plastic is everywhere. From plentiful stores of bottled water to disposable plasticware to the containers that hold our store-bought food. It seems like you can't go out shopping without running into a good deal of plastic. And while this material is strong, reliable, and undoubtedly useful, we also may have way too much of the stuff that isn't being reused.

Plastic Infographic
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Green Ways We Can Improve Our Cities (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 12/6/12 9:30 AM

The environment is in danger, but fortunately, going green can help save the environment from further degradation. One of the things that people can do to save the environment is reduce waste consumption by encouraging recycling. Seventy-five percent of the waste in the United States is recyclable. However, studies have shown that only five percent of it is recycled.

Green Ways We Can Improve Our Cities
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The GreenWareHouse Effect (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 10/18/12 9:30 AM

With our huge moving happening...well right now as we speak...I wanted to share this awesome infographic with you. A lot of the below has already be incorporated into our new facility, some still to come. What is one thing not on the list that you think is missing? Let us know in the comments below.

The Green Warehouse Effect
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