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6 Reasons to Use LED Solar Flood Lights for Security

Posted by SEPCO

2/2/15 10:00 AM

Secure-RV-3LED solar flood lights have been gaining popularity due to the ability to provide lighting in even the most remote locations for safety and security. These solar flood lights can be installed in just about any location with no need for access to traditional power. Here are the six reasons to implement LED solar flood lights for security.

  1. Provide clear visibility of areas from a distance to see anyone moving in or around the area.

This can be achieved by having the lights operate all night long or by using a motion detector. Motion provides the same security levels; however, allows for much less power consumption as the lights will only operate when something moves in the area. Once motion is detected, the lights come on for a set period of time and allow for someone to visibly see what set off the motion detectors. These motion detectors can have the sensitivity set for a range of movement so that a passing small animal does not trigger the lights to come on.

  1. Remove potential hiding places around routes that are traveled by pedestrians.

Security lighting can light up an entire area and remove hiding places around routes that pedestrians must travel. Their light spread is typically much larger and leaves much less area in the dark. This can provide added safety and security to pedestrians in any area whether it is walking in a park, towards a parking lot, or down an alleyway.

  1. Provide facial recognition at a distance of about 30’.

LED lights provide a much better light and allows for better visibility since the lighting levels are much closer to daylight than other types of lamps. Good LED lighting provides the ability to provide facial recognition from around 30’ away. This allows people to recognize what is in their surroundings and provide more detailed than other security light lamps used in the past.

  1. Assist the use of other safety devices such as cameras in the area.

LED lights also provide better lighting for cameras to visually see what is in the area at a given time. The solar LED flood lights can operate at a lower light level for camera use and then switch to a high powered light when motion activated to increase visibility and distance of the camera’s sight. This would ensure that security in the area has full visibility to what is going on at a specific location at a precise time. You can even combine the solar powered flood lighting and camera system into one.

  1. Deter crime against property and people.

Deterring crime is the biggest role that a LED security light offers, and solar allows them to operate even when the power is out. Criminals are not known for operating where they can easily be caught, and lighting the area with good LED fixtures that operate no matter what will help deter crime in the area and also provide easy recognition if something was to occur.

  1. Increase nighttime pedestrian traffic and feeling of security.

Providing added safety and security through lighting of an area can increase pedestrian traffic and make people in the area have a sense of safety and security. For business owners, this is beneficial two fold; first by increasing customer traffic and second by increased safety for employees. If customers feel that your establishment has provided the lighting and created a safe place to visit, they will be more apt to return. For employees, it provides a sense of well-being that the employer provided the necessary lighting to ensure their safety and make them feel like their security is top priority. No one wants to come to an establishment where they feel unsafe. Same goes for a personal home that has no lighting.

In the end, security lighting provides a benefit to all those around them. Providing additional safety and security at night is top priority, and using good lighting provides much better details to the surroundings than any other lamp option in the past. What other reasons should you use LED solar flood lights for security?

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Solar Flood Light for Large Area Lighting and Safety

Posted by SEPCO

9/11/14 9:30 AM

Solar Flood LightIt is costly to light large areas such as parking lots, parks, and other open spaces, yet the benefits of lighting such areas are obvious as it gives users safe access, the ability to see where they are going, and to act as a deterrent against crime.

Solar-powered flood lighting provides an affordable alternative to mains-powered flood lighting; installation costs are much lower, running costs are negligible, and systems can be adapted to suit clients' needs.

Large Area Lighting

The provision of lighting for large open areas where people congregate for social and other activities is important. Typical examples are public parking lots at malls and airports, industrial and commercial sites, and recreational areas. Lighting levels need to be sufficient to give users and security personnel sufficient light to use and observe these areas with reasonable ease. This is readily achieved with the use of a solar flood light installation as lights can be installed where required.


Public safety is enhanced by the provision of flood lighting of open areas, particularly during winter when days are short and people need to commute, shop, and transport children while it is dark. The provision of adequate lighting is important to ensure safety of personnel and to protect property. It also plays a role in the prevention of accidents and injury. A solar flood light system is an economical solution to providing safety and security lighting for public outdoor areas.

Illumination Levels

Illumination levels are an important consideration when specifying a solar flood light system. The use of low energy bulbs such as LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) reduces the current draw, but it's important to carefully evaluate desired illumination levels as this affects the cost of the solar equipment.

One method is to adjust illumination levels automatically through the use of motion detectors that permit running the lamp at low power and switching to full power when there is activity near them. Alternatively, lights can be switched off for certain periods and activated by motion sensors.

Power Supply Packs

A solar flood light is powered by a battery charged by a solar panel. The battery must be sized to provide adequate power while the lights are on. The size of the solar panel will be selected so as to provide sufficient charge to the battery at all times, taking cognizance of reduced solar charging periods during winter and cloudy weather.

Light Fixtures

The selection of the light fixture is based on the required illumination level, height of the light fixture, and the period the lamp must be lit. If high levels of illumination are required, the choice may include high pressure sodium, metal halide, or LED fixtures; don't forget to take into account the higher power requirements of some of these lamps. CFL and LED fixtures would be chosen if lower illumination levels are required. If lamps need to be dimmed, LED is the best choice.

Benefits of Solar Flood Lighting

Solar flood lighting provides many benefits over conventional mains-powered lighting. Lamps can be situated wherever they are needed without having to worry about the complexities of running mains power to the fixture, and their installation obviates the need for expensive trenching, conduits, and subsequent pavement repairs. Despite the higher price of a complete solar flood light module, this translates into lower installation costs and negligible operational costs. Maintenance is limited to replacement of failed lamps and the battery every five years. SEPCO has many years of experience in the design and installation of solar flood lighting systems and will provide interested customers with a free project analysis on request. 

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How to Efficiently Use Solar Flood Lights for Security Lighting

Posted by SEPCO

9/2/14 9:30 AM

Solar Flood LightUsing solar flood lights around a perimeter of a building can increase security, but these bright lights do not need to operate at all times. Since most security flood lights shine outward and cover a large area, they can use a lot of power and produce glare or light trespass on nearby areas. There are different ways to utilize solar security flood lights around a building without disturbing the nearby area, keep the area secure and not breaking the bank. Here are a few options to consider.

1. Motion Activated Solar Flood Lights

Having the security lighting off unless motion is detected is one of the most popular setups available for solar flood lights. These use the least amount of power as the lights are only operational when they are needed. Once the motion is gone, the lights turn back off after a period of time. This option offers the lowest cost and least amount of light trespass as the lights can perform exactly as needed to secure the perimeter of a building for surveillance.

2. Lower Light Levels that Motion to Full Brightness

If all night lighting is required, having the security flood fixtures at a low wattage to provide enough lighting to see, but not out a large distance from the perimeter. Then, when motion is detected, these lights turn way up to max brightness to provide the distance lighting for security purposes. Once motion has stopped, the lights go back to their original lower wattage to keep the area properly lit. This option, though using more power, can provide all night lighting for people that are constantly surveillancing the area or use cameras without night vision.

Solar Security Light System

3. Adaptive Lighting Solar Flood Lights

Having the lights come on at dusk and stay on for a couple hours, then go down to a lower wattage and be motion activated for the remainder of the night is the final option to cover. These types of applications will use the most amount of power as the lights need to be powered almost all night at full intensity with only a period of time during the late night to be using a lower wattage.

Those are the three most efficient methods of using solar flood lights for security purposes around a building. This doesn’t mean you cannot keep your security flood lights on all night at full intensity, but for the most efficient solar security light systems, allowing the lights to be adaptive to the environment and the circumstance will lower the solar power requirements without having to lose out on any of the security features.
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Benefits of Solar Powered Security Lights

Posted by SEPCO

9/24/13 7:30 AM

Tibor-Reserve-1The best way to keep your parking lot, street corners and public places lit, like parks, clinics and municipal buildings, are the use of solar powered security lights. The reasons are simple; low maintenance, un-compromised performance and zero energy use. 

Maintenance is virtually non-existent. Modern versions are powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will last for years before it needs replacement. The high output LED lights will virtually never burn out and the solar panel is maintenance free. Once the light is in place, the only maintenance there will be is to change the battery, and that won't happen for years down the road.

High output LED light fixtures give off a bright white light. This makes it easy to see in the illuminated area at anytime of the night. However, the best part about solar powered security lights are the fact that even in a power outage, they will still work. It doesn't matter if there is limited power, fluctuating power or no power at all. Since solar powered security lights get their power from the sun, they will come on at dusk regardless of what is happening with the electrical supply grid. No matter what, the area you need illuminated will always be lit.

Of course, solar power means there is no associated energy cost to make it work. The more lights that are put in place, the more savings you'll realize. For example, if you have ten 400-watt security lights surrounding a building, they are using 4000 watts of electrical grid power for 8 to 10 hours per day, every day. Since a solar powered security light uses no grid electricity at any time, once purchased, there is no more associated energy cost to use them. That also means that for those properties that are striving to meet environmental regulations, there is no easier way than to install solar powered security lights. 

The question that needs to be asked is, why doesn't every town, municipality or city with public buildings  have them installed? The price per fixture is comparable to a hard wired security light, there won't be any maintenance costs once they are installed, illumination quality is virtually the same, or better, than grid powered fixtures and the energy savings will continue to add up every night that they shine, week after week, month after month and year after year.

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Implementing Green Home Security

Posted by SEPCO

7/11/13 6:30 AM

There’s no question that your home needs to be protected; however, if you’re an environmentally-conscious person and don’t want to implement security solutions that have a negative impact on the ecosystem, you might have a difficult time finding suitors.

While there are plenty of home security systems available to you, those that have been created with careful consideration of their environmental effect are just now starting to gain traction.

house keys

We’ve seen all manner of energy efficient appliances, so it was just a matter of time until other household electronics begin to follow suit. You’ve still got to do some searching, but it’s getting easier to find security companies that are taking part in the green initiative.

Regardless of how you feel politically about the topic, it does save you money and lower your electric bill, which is something we all can agree is a good thing.

So here are a few ways that you can go green in terms of your home security system.

1. Led Technology -- Light emitting diodes (LEDs) last much longer and consume less energy than most other sources of light. Since it is such an efficient type of light, most security systems will use them for screens and light-based indicators. This is going to make a particularly big difference if your security system uses technology that has a video feed or monitor of some kind.

2. Wireless Options -- Once again, this is an area where a lot of security systems are moving to, because aside from being more economically friendly, wireless systems are just more popular and easier to manage.

Wireless technology uses less electricity; however, if you have a larger building where materials and distance can interfere with performance, wireless technology may pose some minor issues. In general though, for smaller homes and offices, wireless systems will work flawlessly.

3. Environmental Controls -- Some security systems are able to alert you about temperature leaks, water damage, carbon monoxide and other environmental factors that could be affecting your home.

These controls usually have settings that will automatically notify you when the temperature rises above or below a certain number, or when it detects other drastic changes or inconsistencies in your home’s ecosystem.

4. Just the sign -- It’s unfortunate, considering the amount of work companies put into their technology, but the most effective component of a security system in deterring burglars might just be the small sign that security companies allow you to put outside in your front lawn.

Some companies will sell you the rights to use just the sign. If a criminal sees that sign outside your home, they’ll almost always move on to a house that doesn’t have one. Whether you decide to invest in just the sign or entire security system, it is vital that you invest in some kind of security solution to deter burglars.

Protecting your Home and Staying Environmentally Friendly

Installing more electronics in your home never feels like a “green” thing to do, but it can be done responsibly and in such a way that is environmentally safe. Technology has come a long way, and as electrical components become more and more efficient, you can probably rest assured that a security system will fall safely within the realm of eco-friendly products.

In fact, many home security companies, such as Protect America, have implemented programs to try to stay green. When searching for a security system, be sure to consider how environmentally-friendly their products and services are.

About the Author: Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Southern California whose writing covers everything on home security, DIY, family health, marketing and much more. She makes sure to follow these tips when it comes to keeping her home and family safe. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to learn more eco-friendly tips. 

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The Dollars and Sense of Solar Powered Security Lights

Posted by SEPCO

1/10/13 9:30 AM

Solar Powered Security LightsThe use of solar lighting technology can be a great advantage to businesses and other properties where lighting is required.  Solar technology allows the use of the sun's rays to store energy for lighting during the dark hours.

This type of technology is very economical for commercial and residential buildings alike.  It requires no expensive wiring, insulation or connection to electric outlets.  The simple exposure to the sun during daylight hours is all that's required to power this technology.

From a money saving angle, this technology is unbeatable.  Installation costs are minimal and are one time only fees. There are no monthly expenses as with standard lighting and electricity. You don't even have to worry about power outages since every solar security light has its own power system. Solar powered security lights are becoming the economic standard for many businesses, schools, and government buildings alike.

Solar powered lighting can also be used with motion sensor technology making security lighting the most sensible choice.  Not only is it cost effective, but the security motion technology deters trespassing during off hours.  The convenience and practicality of solar security lighting is as smart as its money saving technology.  For centuries cultures have engaged the heat and power of the sun to assist in everyday activities.  Safer than fire, solar technology has grown and become more efficient than any other source of natural power.

Illustration Credit: Couponaudit.com

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Remote Security & Work Lighting

Posted by SEPCO

6/12/12 7:30 AM

A large commercial gas company cited the following lighting needs for a remote pump and monitoring station: dusk to dawn security lighting in addition to high intensity work lighting on a bi-monthly basis.  Due to the remote nature of the site, the cost to extend the electrical grid for AC powered lights was cost prohibitive. On the other hand, with off-grid solar lighting systems all costs and issues associated with AC power grid are completely eliminated because the lights do not rely on the AC power grid at all, but rather off-grid through the power of clean, renewable solar energy. What a perfect combination of remote security and solar power.

Union Gas Solar Security Light

The lights purchased provide added security to the area and secure the remote pump and monitoring station, as well to the workers that come out bi-monthly. By using solar powered light fixtures, each equipped with a high performance LED light engine with dual light settings provide effective, ultra reliable security lighting. These systems operate dusk to dawn year round in addition to a high intensity work light on a bi-monthly basis with a simple flip of a switch. All things considered, this project is an ideal application of off grid solar power lighting systems!

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Guide to Security Lighting: Where to Implement

Posted by SEPCO

3/22/12 7:30 AM

Parking Lot Solar Light SecurityIn the previous post on why to implement security lighting we discussed the need for security lighting. This time we will focus on where security lighting needs to be installed. Each type of application has different lighting requirements to keep people and property safe, and the types of fixture vary for each application.

Residential Security Lighting

Residential areas and homes should implement security lighting to deter intrusions and help keep families safe from harm. Landscape lighting is a great way to illuminate various areas outside a home and show boundaries more easily. Flood lights that are activated by motion detectors are another way to have the element of surprise while illuminating the area with a bright light for good visibility. Streetlights along residential streets help make sure people that are out after dark walking are safe.

Unoccupied Area Security Lighting

Storage yards and industrial areas typically employ perimeter lighting to provide added security around the boundaries to prevent trespasses. Container and rail yards have additional lighting between the containers to prevent tampering with the shipments.

Office and Commercial Building Security Lighting

Entrances are one of the most important locations for implementing security lighting for business owners. They are key points that, in the case of robberies, having them well lit will be instrumental in a successful identification. Also having well lit entrances and surrounding landscapes makes the business much more respectable looking to perspective clients. Parking lots for employees and customers also need to be well lit for the safety of people traveling to and from the building at night.

These are just some of the ways that different people implement security lighting dependent on their particular needs. The location of where you chose to place security lighting is very important and should be thought over carefully so when you chose to place the lighting it works exactly as it needs to so your needs are fully fulfilled. I hope the information in this post helps you on your way to successful security lighting.

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Guide to Security Lighting: Why to Implement

Posted by SEPCO

3/13/12 7:30 AM

Security Solar LightingSecurity lighting has been instrumental to deterring crime and improving security to public, business, and residential spaces. The lighting reduces crime by facilitating surveillance by authorities and communities after dark and enhances community confidence and increases informal social control. The objectives of installing security lighting include:

  1. Provide clear visibility of areas from a distance to see anyone moving in or around the area
  2. Remove potential hiding places around routes that are traveled by pedestrians
  3. Provide facial recognition at a distance of about 30 feet
  4. Assist the use of other safety devices such as cameras in the area
  5. Deter crime against property and people
  6. Increase nighttime pedestrian traffic and feeling of security

The responsibility of providing the security lighting falls on the property owner, business operator, or resident as it is not only assisting the surrounding area but also their own sense of self security. What is also beneficial in this aspect is that they know the surrounding area and the flow of traffic better than a stranger to the area.

Installing security lighting is beneficial to both personal home owners and business owners in different ways. To a personal home owner the why is simple, not only does it drastically lower the chance of a break in or theft of outside property it also, in the case of theft or trespassing, gives a much better chance at being able to identify the perpetrator or catching them on camera. This gives the homeowner a greater sense of control and safety should such a thing occur.

For the business owner the same sense of safety and control would apply but for them it also brings a sense of safety and security to the surrounding area and the people and employees who frequent the business. Night employees would undoubtedly feel much better about leaving their work if there were safety lights to light up their parked car. Customers who shop at night are also much more likely to shop at a business who has taken the time and care to set up security lights to brighten up their area rather than a dimly lit, shady looking store. As you can see the benefit of security lighting for businesses is not only for the safety of the business's property but also the people who use it.

As you can see the benefit of security lighting far outweighs the initial cost or hesitation of buying the lights. Nothing is worth more than the peace of mind and sense of safety that such a simple thing as lighting can bring to both the property owner and the business operator.

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Safety Provided By Solar Lighting

Posted by SEPCO

1/24/12 9:30 AM

Safety Flood Light SolarA large industrial facility had a serious problem on their hands. In short, an employee was hit by a car one night after walking down a set of stairs and across a poorly lit crosswalk. Immediately following the accident, the facility managers knew they had to install a light to illuminate the stairs and crosswalk ASAP!

The challenge was the tremendous amount of time/expense required to bring AC power to this remote section of the facility.  A high performance SEPCO solar power flood lighting system turned out to be the perfect solution!

Installed at the top of the stairs, the power flood light fixture—equipped with a 39 Watt super metal halide lamp—does an excellent job illuminating the stairs and the cross walk from dusk to dawn thereby ensuring the safety of all employees who use this area of the facility throughout the night. Better yet, the solar lighting system was purchased for a fraction of what it would have cost just to run AC power to this remote area of the facility and installed the same day it was delivered!

Due to the overall success of the project, SEPCO is working with the Facility Manager to illuminate other areas of the property with high quality commercial lighting powered completely by clean, renewable solar energy.

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