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SLCLED Cobrahead Solar Light Fixture

  • SLCLED Cobrahead Fixture
  • MC Airport Roadway Solar Light
  • BHM Parking Lot SLCLED Solar Lights
  • SLR Solar Light Dania Beach


  • The Street Light Cutoff LED fixture uses solid state / light emitting diode (LED) light source
  • 12 VDC electronic dimming drivers
  • Die-cast aluminum housing with multiple pole and surface mounting configurations
  • Multiple light distributions available


APPLICATIONS: Roadways, Parking Lots, Area, Perimeters
HOUSING: Die Cast Aluminum
FINISH: Gray or Dark Bronze
OPTICAL ASSEMBLY: Each LED has an individual optical lens
LAMPING: 15 – 70 Watt LED Type II, III, IV, V Distribution (SLCLED2 is available in a higher wattage)

Solar SLCLED Cobrahead Fixture Overview:


The light fixture assembly is a cobrahead cutoff style fixture and comes complete with LEDs and driver used to operate the fixture from the solar charged batteries. The SLCLED fixture is typically used for roadways, parking lots and permiters and typically uses our SP - Side of Pole Upsweep bracket, which comes in 4', 6', and 8' lengths, to attach to a pole. 


SEPCO solar light fixtures are used in our complete solar lighting systems and includes the solar power assembly with mounting, battery assembly, fixture and fixture mounting bracket. SEPCO can also provide a pole to meet wind load specifications.