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Solar Power Assemblies

Here is a list of all our solar power assemblies that can be combined with one of our solar light fixtures to provide the complete solar lighting system for just about every application. Solar power assemblies can also be used for remote power system applications. Click on any link below to find out more and download the product specification sheet. 

What makes our solar better?

Standard features included on each of our systems:


Marine Grade Vented Aluminum Panel Pans 
Liquid Tight Connectors and Flex Tube 
High-Gauge Vented Aluminum Battery Storage Assembly 
Welded One Piece Aluminum Power Bracket 
Sized According to Project Requirements

Why use solar power?

There are so many great reasons, here's a few:


Power Available Anywhere w/ Battery Backup 
Environmentally Friendly / Power Provided by the Sun 
Cost Savings from Grid Free Operation and No Electric Costs 
No Trenching or Underground Wiring Required 
Easy Installation w/ Safe Low Voltage DC Power