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US EPA Headquarters Solar Roadway Lighting

  • solar roadway lighting
  • Solar roadway lighting at US EPA Headquarters

Project Info

The US EPA research facility in Raleigh, NC uses our solar street lights on the entrance road leading into the facility. The original installation cost for utility extension and materials was over 2 million, and then enduring monthly utility charges. An alternate solution of solar lighting was provided at the total cost of 850 thousand with minimal maintenance and zero utility cost. The project was installed in 2001 and has since had one round of battery and two rounds of lamp replacements. The entrance sign is also illuminated using solar power.


Read more on this project: Solar Roadway Lighting at the US EPA Facility in Raleigh, NC & RTP Green Facilty


Solar Panel System: SELS200 (Now SEPA225-DM)


Solar Light Fixture: SB - Shoebox Fixture w/ 42 Watt CFL


Fixture Mounting Bracket: ST5 - Side of Pole Tenon Bracket 5"


Pole: Customer Supplied Pole


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