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20 Small Eco-Friendly Steps to Save Money Long Term

on 1/30/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Guest Post Green Ideas Conservation
In the current tough economic climate, people often leave environmental concerns by the wayside. Most directors don’t consider steps to turn eco-friendly as essential to the running of the company. Trimming costs often takes priority over anything else – however, what most don’t realise is that lowering expenses and turning eco-friendly are not mutually exclusive processes.
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Looking to Use a Solar Lighting Option? Talk to a Lighting Specialist

on 1/28/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Solar Lighting Solar Lighting Design
There are so many companies out there today that provide top quality products; however, there are so many cheap alternatives available that get in the mix. Solar lighting is not the cheapest option available. Sometimes switching grid powered lights to LED fixtures is your best alternative. But in the cases where solar lighting is what you need or want, make sure not to talk to just anyone. You want to talk to a lighting specialist to make sure that the lighting will still be adequate for your project.
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Sneaky Energy Suckers to Watch out for in Your Home This Winter

on 1/23/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Guest Post Green Ideas
We’ve all the seen the “rate-suckers” from the recent spate of Progressive car insurance commercials—have you ever thought about the things that could be doing that to the energy efficiency of your home? Here are three big energy suckers to watch out for this winter—and how to prevent them from leeching money out of your wallet via your utilities bill. The Lights You Leave On
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4 Questions to Answer Before You Get a Solar Lighting Quote

on 1/21/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Solar Lighting Solar Lighting Design
Wanting to use solar lighting for your business? Maybe for a sign. Or a parking lot. Maybe you would like to have solar lighting installed on the roads of your HOA. There are so many applications that solar lighting can perfectly fit into; however, there are six questions that a reputable solar lighting company will ask you. Having the answers before you contact them will ensure a more accurate quote and information provided for your project. It will also make sure your systems perform exactly how you want them to for years to come.
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Achieving Energy Efficiency Starts At Home

on 1/16/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments |
Energy security has been a major issue in the world market today. The increasing folds of excessive energy demand from the society have been largely affect nations that rely on imported oil. A fresh new outlook towards energy consumption is believed to be one of the effective solutions aside from green energy investments today.
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Dark Sky Friendly Lighting is Necessary Now More Than Ever

on 1/14/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | General Lighting Conservation Dark Sky Friendly Lighting
Ever look at a map from a satellite in orbit? Notice all the lights that you can see. What about looking up at night to find the stars in the sky? How much do you not actually see due to light pollution? These are some serious questions that are starting to be asked by more people. Light pollution is becoming a problem and dark sky friendly lighting is the key to solving this issue.
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What if the US followed Germany’s Renewable Energy Policies in 2014

on 1/9/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Renewable Energy
Germany is leading the renewable energy industry for the last couple years, far in front of most of the rest of the world. What do you think would happen if the US followed suit and put in place the same or similar policies? Would we be able to catch up? Would we finally have some energy independence?
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Creating an Everlasting Solar Power System

on 1/7/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Solar Power
Solar panels have been produced for years using a lot of the same components. Between silicon, glass and aluminum railing, there really isn’t much else to a solar panel. However, they are quite fragile.
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Happy New Year! What is Your Green Resolution?

on 1/2/14 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 0 Comments | Green Ideas Holiday Conservation
Welcome to 2014!   Resolutions are typically what everyone is talking about after the New Year. I am going to exercise more, eat better, spend more time with the family, etc. But what about resolutions for making the world a little greener? Is there anything you can add to your list of resolutions that will improve our planet? Here are a few that maybe you can think of implementing in 2014. Ban the Bag I hate it when I go to the store and forget my green bags at home. This year I am going to make a conscious effort to always have green bags on me and you can too. Keep a couple in your car at all times, even if you aren’t planning on going shopping. I even keep small ones in my purse for those smaller purchases. And you can find green bags just about everywhere and you don’t have to have one from each store, just as long as you use them when you go to the store. Start a Garden This one can range from a small container garden to overtaking your lawn into a huge garden. Grow something from a bunch of herbs to all the produce you could eat. With spring just around the corner, you can start building your garden now by planning and setting it up. When spring arrives, check out your local zoning and find what grows best where you live and what you love to eat. Do what you can to get the healthiest produce ever by purchasing heirloom seeds and stay as organic as you possibly can. Stay Local Make a conscious effort to purchase your needs and wants from a local small business. This can have a huge impact on your local economy since local businesses support your community organizations, create more jobs, give better service, and so much more. It also reduced your impact on the environment as it lowers transportation and creates less congestion. To find out more, visit Sustainable Connections and see what other benefits there might be to staying local. Buy Reusable Items Instead of purchasing throw away items, make a resolution to work toward replacing them with reusable materials. Paper towels are my favorite example. Instead of purchasing bunch of rolls for $8, spend that money on some microfiber or bar cloths. These are inexpensive and can just be thrown in the laundry to be reused. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things that are just yuck and a paper towel is perfect. I still buy them, but I only use them when in dire need and therefore go through only a few sheets per week at most. I’m sure there are more things you can find to replace. Green Power Make a switch to green power if possible. Can you afford to install some solar panels on your roof? What about switching your lights to LEDs and upgrading to Energy Star appliances to lower your overall electrical usage to make using solar power more feasible in the near future. There is also many other options available if solar power is your end goal. Check out 1 Block Off The Grid for some great information. By working together, we can have a great year while lowering our impact on the environment. What is your green resolution? Share with us below!
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