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How Solar Lights Increase Safety at Military Base Parking Lots

SEPCO 3/6/23 1:37 AM
How Solar Lights Increase Safety at Military Base Parking Lots
How Solar Lights Increase Safety at Military Base Parking Lots

Solar lighting is a reliable, durable solution for military base parking lots, ensuring their safe and uninterrupted operation, providing protection against security threats, and illumination during blackouts. A parking lots solar light system will last longer than standard electrical lighting and requires minimal maintenance. They are powered by long-lasting batteries that are easy to install. What is this sentence??? At SEPCO, we offer an array of solar lighting options to illuminate parking lots, including those on US military bases.


Providing sufficient lighting for military base parking lots can be a challenge if they do not have the infrastructure in place for a lighting system with all of the connections required for the electrical grid. This can be a costly proposition to design and build from scratch. In other cases, military parking lots may have never had lighting installed.



Solar powered security lights combined with motion sensors provide an excellent security solution at military base parking lots. They can serve as an early warning system to help prevent security breaches. In these parking lots, solar light systems also assist support personnel with locating and identifying persons with suspicious or ill intent. Solar lighting enhances visibility and parking lot spaces without the need to install or add to utility systems that are dependent on the grid.


Reliable, Cost-Effective Lighting

Solar parking lot lights are much easier to install than grid-dependent lighting. Since all you have to do is install the pole, and all wiring is contained on that single pole, these become self-contained systems without the need for extensive underground utilities. These self-contained systems, combined with LED technology, can produce a higher light output at a much cheaper cost, contributing to security.


Fast Installation Means Immediate Security

The quick installation of solar LED lighting on military base parking lots means security is enhanced immediately without having to bring in the utility grid power to the site. Best of all, the systems take almost no time to install, and the lights work the same day as installation, ensuring a quick source of light.


For information about the solutions we offer for military parking lots solar light systems – call us today at 772.220.6615 or use our online form to request a quote.