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What Light Pollution Means to the Future of Lighting

  We are from a small town, so the difference between us and a place like New York City as far as light pollution is way different; however, we all experience some form of light pollution. Light pollution isn’t something you think of, but does it really affect us?
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Turtle Friendly Solar Lights Keep Nesting Turtles Safe

on 8/30/11 9:30 AM By | SEPCO | 1 Comment | Solar Lighting Street Lighting Turtle Friendly Lighting
  Lights near nesting turtles can make a good thing go bad quickly. Installing turtle friendly lights in those areas can increase the safety and security of the turtles, both parents laying the eggs and babies when they hatch. This is because turtles can't see the amber glow of special lamps used for these types of projects. SEPCO has completed two projects recently in partnership with Beacon Products to do exactly that.
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