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Pioneers in the Commercial Solar Lighting and Solar Power System Industry

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What can SEPCO do for you?

Solar Lighting Systems by Application


Solar Lighting Systems by Design


Custom Solar Power Systems


Solar Light Fixtures


Solar Power Assemblies


Every SEPCO solar lighting and power system provides the best quality system to meet the needs of the customer and takes into consideration the geographical location and lighting design requirements for the project. 


Learn More About  The SEPCO Difference

We are the leading manufacturer

Over 30 Years Experience

SEPCO is the leading manufacturer of commercial solar lighting and remote solar power systems. With over 30 years of experience, SEPCO is known as the pioneer in the industry. While our roots date back to 1979, we have been exclusively manufacturing commercial solar lighting and off-grid solar power systems under the SEPCO name since 1994. Our products offer the perfect solution  where the power grid is either unobtainable or cost prohibitive. We provide experience with quality, stand behind our products, and take pride in our work.

Systems Tailored to Your Needs

Large or Small, We have something for everyone

Recognized as the leading industrial solar lighting company in the world, our specialized products are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of today’s industry. SEPCO provides unmatched industry experience, technology, and customer service. Our number one priority is to understand the unique goals and needs of each of our clients and then meet those needs.  We look forward to working with you to help find cost feasible and environmentally friendly solutions to meet your solar outdoor lighting and grid free solar power needs.

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