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4 Important Steps to Ensure Your Solar Lights Stand Up

Posted by SEPCO on 3/4/14 9:30 AM

You have made the final purchase and your solar lights are on their way. Here are some tips before you install the light systems to make sure they stand up to the test of time. Have your lights already installed, these tips can be helpful for making sure your lights are installed properly and will continue to work flawlessly year after year.

1. Read the Installation Instructions Completely

I hate manuals as much as the next person, but reading the installation instructions for your new solar lights before you start to install them can save you time and frustration down the road. There is tons of useful information available on the installation manual and it can make sure the system installation needs are all met.

2. Make Sure the Solar is in the Sun

Well this one is a duh, but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen both large and small solar systems installed in the shade. This doesn’t work and will cause your system to fail in a matter of days. The solar panel needs full sun all day to work properly at night. If there is any shade, the solar panel will not be able to produce the power, to charge the battery, to run the light at night.

3. Follow all the Labels

4ImportantStepsCheck if there are labels on the wires or parts of the system. Read them and follow the directions. Additional labels are added when there are minor changes to the installation manual and will make sure the system is put together properly. Making sure to read all the labels before you connect wires will ensure you don’t overload the system and blow fuses.

4. Keep up Regular Maintenance

Just like your car and house, a solar lighting system requires maintenance, though hardly at all. Replacing the batteries at the end of their life span, cleaning off the panel every so often if you live in a dusty dry area and replacing the lamps / LED fixture at the end of their life will ensure that you will never go a day without light. Plus, by doing regular maintenance on the system will allow you to see if there could be any troubles popping up in the near future due.

So there you have it. No matter if you are using a commercial solar light system or a small landscape light, installing it properly and keeping up with the system will ensure your system will work flawlessly for years to come. Since most commercial solar light systems last 25+ years, make sure you get every moment of light these systems can provide.

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