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Solar Dock Lights: Forgotten Commercial Solar Lights

SEPCO 10/4/12 9:30 AM
Solar Dock Lights Forgotten Commercial Solar Lights

On any coastal town, docks are a familiar sight to see. A lot of times people go out early in the morning and come home late at night, either for fishing or recreational activities. Providing power for lighting to these areas can be complicated, especially if no infrastructure is nearby. Solar power for the dock lights can be the perfect solution to add visibility and increase security for these remote areas.


Solar dock lights range from a small one LED fixture, such as a small flood or bollard style light, to bright high-powered flood lights for overhead lighting to illuminate larger areas. These lights can be easily powered by solar since shading is typically not an issue and the units are self-contained and do not require additional wiring brought to the dock location.


Installing the lights overhead provides additional area lighting while small bollard style lights can provide lighting along the dock pathway. These lights are typically designed not to disturb wildlife and do not operate all night in many installations, using downlight, shields, or even amber light for turtle-friendly applications. 


Solar Power for Dock Light


The lights can be powered from dusk to dawn or for any other type of run profile; however, split time or for a number of hours after dusk is the most common. They can also be switch activated to run only when you require them to run using time clocks. The battery backup is sized for the application you require and be remotely mounted with the solar power assembly. 


Solar power systems can be used to provide power for other applications as well including to operate small tools or other charging applications. Typically, these systems are not meant for daily use and need to be sized much differently. The solar power can be mounted along with the lighting applications providing sustainable power to fit both needs.


Next time you are looking for additional illumination for your dock, contact us for more information and see where we can fill in the gap. 


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