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Solar Bollard Lights: Forgotten Commercial Solar Lights

SEPCO 10/11/12 9:30 AM
Solar Bollard Lights Forgotten Commercial Solar Lights

Bollard lights are popular in pathway and walkway applications that require low-level lighting along a narrow area. The fixtures can be spaced around 25' apart from one another for even illumination, while larger spacing can be used for marker lights. Most bollard fixtures are around 20 Watts or less and come in symmetrical or asymmetrical distributions


These too can be powered by solar panels when traditional power isn't available. Large panel assemblies can power multiple fixtures with the solar power assemblies being fit into the surrounding landscaping. There are also bollard fixtures where the solar panels fit into the top of the bollard. There are two major differences between these two applications; larger solar means higher-powered lighting and smaller, built-in solar panels provide lower power lighting.




High-powered bollards are great if security and areas where a larger amount of lighting is required. These larger powered bollard fixtures can be installed anywhere on a walkway with solar power nearby to showcase a green initiative, or be remotely mounted and blended within the landscape. The bollard fixtures themselves come in a variety of styles and colors to match the architectural surroundings. Depending on the light output requirements, most of these style bollards are 8-15 Watts each and illuminate a 25' circle.


Lower powered bollard lights with solar panels built into the top of the fixture are used primarily for accent lighting. These fixtures provide enough light to mark the walkway area so pedestrian traffic knows where the walkway exists. These fixtures also come in a variety of styles and colors to match the architectural surroundings and do not have to worry about blending the solar power system within the area. Most of these are 1-5 Watts each and only have enough solar and storage to last a few hours.


Bollard Light Solar Powered


The bollards with the solar mounted on top of the fixture are okay with areas where lighting isn't always a necessity and the installation locations are all in the sun, not under trees or other obstructions. Since the solar isn't remote, the bollard must be out in the open and have access to sunlight all day. Anything obstructing the solar panel from gathering the sunlight will cause the system to fail. This could be even something like snowfall, bird droppings, or someone setting something down on top of them as they pass by. 


Larger commercial systems with a remote solar system allow for the bollards to be placed in the shade while making sure the solar is nearby with full access to sunlight. The solar can be mounted on a tall pole to ensure it is kept out of harm's way and clean from the constant rainfall. 


So next time you are looking for an architectural way to light up your pathway, look into solar bollard lighting. It's a perfect way to be beautifully sustainable.