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Solar Cell Street Light to Light Dark Streets

Posted by SEPCO on 1/12/12 9:30 AM

Dark Back Road

Ever drive down a back road in the middle of the night and think to yourself, this street really needs a few lights? Well a lot of rural areas like that do not have the necessary power lines available to install typical electrical lights. This leaves solar cell street lights to be the best option. Here's why:

  1. Solar powered street lights charge during the day with the power of the sun. The street lights then automatically turn on at dusk and can be sized to run all night for optimum safety for everyone on the streets.
  2. There are also no additional electrical costs for the city, county, or local residences as no one has to pay for the power that is generated by the sun, well that is unless the sun starts charging for its power.
  3. Solar cell street lighting also does not require the trenching of wires to bring the electric to each fixture.
  4. The improvement of safety of everyone on the road will lead to fewer accidents as well as less fatigue when driving down dark roads. No more straining of the eyes to see into the black ahead.
  5. Using energy efficient LED fixtures can lower the power consumption and improve visibility of the road and obstacles that may be present.

Given the many benefits of solar cell street lights, we may one day see all roads lit up with solar. Now wouldn’t that be nice.

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