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Solar for Temporary Lighting and Power

Posted by SEPCO on 9/27/11 9:30 AM

Solar is a great option for anyone wanting to go green, but some forget that the solar can be used as a temporary option during development. Since solar lights do not require grid extensions, the lights are completely movable from one location to the next without trenching or grid extension. Two projects show exactly that.

Coral Springs Solar Street Lights

City of Coral Springs have used our solar lights during implementation of neighborhoods. Instead of leaving everyone in the dark during building, they installed solar street lights on the neighborhood roadways. These lights keep the new buildings safe from vandalism while also protecting the people currently living in the area. Once the neighborhood is complete, and traditional lights are ready to be installed, the solar lights can be moved to a new location to provide the same security they did at the previous location.

Port of LA Solar Perimeter Lights

The Port of Los Angeles used our solar lights on the perimeter of a cruise ship terminal boarding area during development of the terminal. These lights provided security for both the cruise ship personnel and travelers getting ready to depart. The lights have since been moved to illuminate a walkway in the nearby area.

Next time you are requiring temporary lighting, think of solar as a green alternative. The lights can be reused in other locations or for other applications if they are not a permanent structure. Or maybe there will be a change of heart and the lights will stay there permanently; no telling.

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