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Safety with Solar Powered Vehicle Overheight Detection Systems

Posted by SEPCO on 5/27/14 9:30 AM

Vehicle-Overheight-3The National highway system is a great way to get from one place to another in a short amount of time. Running all over the country, highways are full of travelers, including our busy truckers bringing product to its final destination. There are many areas that have not been updated to changing sizes of vehicles over the years. Overheight vehicle detection systems provides safety to truckers and other travelers on the road by making sure they can get through the area safely, or provide information for a detour to safely route the larger trucks around the obstacle.

A lot of these low lying bridges and overpasses are in rural areas where power does not exist. Solar powered vehicle overheight detection systems provide the needed power to these areas to power the systems to alert truckers on size restrictions. If the truck is detected to be too high for an upcoming bridge or overpass, a message will show with flashing beacons to attract the attention of the truckers allowing them to safely exit the highway and go through the detour. These systems can be installed in any location and use the solar power system to provide the power to the flashers, message board and detection systems.

The solar panel can be installed on the same pole with all other equipment necessary for this type of application. We work alongside companies to provide these DOT certified systems for installations all over the US. Our solar electric power assemblies are supplied to companies to provide power to their equipment in installations such as this. Since solar power is a great way to get energy where standard grid does not exist, providing a durable, long lasting solar power system with a minimum of 5 days backup storage is key to keeping our highways safe for truckers and travelers alike.

Topics: Solar Power, Traffic & Warning Flasher

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