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Safety Provided By Solar Lighting

SEPCO 4/26/21 6:00 AM
safety provided by solar lighting systems

There are many cases where additional lighting is required to add safety and security to a site. Sometimes these sites are very remote and do not have access to grid power. Solar lighting, particularly off-grid solar lighting systems, comes in handy for these types of installations.



Off-grid solar lighting systems are great at providing light for a specific application, especially those applications where safety is critical, and power is not readily available. See a few cases where solar lighting was installed to add additional protection and security to an area


Crosswalk Area Safety

Power Floods for Safety


A large industrial facility had a severe problem on its hands. In short, an employee was hit by a car one night after walking down a set of stairs and across a poorly lit crosswalk. Immediately following the accident, the facility managers knew they had to install lights to illuminate the stairs and crosswalk ASAP!


The challenge was the tremendous amount of time/expense required to bring AC power to this remote section of the facility.  A high-performance SEPCO solar power floodlighting system turned out to be the perfect solution!


A solar floodlight installed at the top of the stairs equipped with a 39 Watt super metal halide lamp did an excellent job illuminating the stairs and the crosswalk from dusk to dawn thereby. The new light ensures all employees who use this facility area throughout the night have plenty of visibility. 


Better yet, the solar lighting system purchased was a fraction of the cost to run AC power to this remote area of the facility and was installed the same day it was delivered!


Park and Playground Area Safety

New Douglas IL Park and Area Lighting


New Douglas, IL, had a small park with no lighting, which can cause concern. They reached out to us here at SEPCO to illuminate the playground to provide safety and security to the park and the surrounding homes.


We worked directly with the township to provide plenty of illumination and future illumination of the restroom facility to be installed later. The lights operate from dusk for a set period and shut off afterward since this was not an all-night concern.


These solar lights illuminate the walking paths, playground equipment, landscape, and gazebo. We also provided a couple of lights for the small parking lot area at the playground as well.


Storage Facility Safety

Secure RV Solar Light and Camera Security


We directly worked with a small RV storage facility that needed some lighting and some camera power. Sizing up the system to ensure the proper operation was vital to getting this project perfected. RV storage facilities typically need lighting and power systems to ensure the safety of the property on-site. 


Low-powered DC cameras need to operate from dusk to dawn when no one was in the vicinity to monitor the area. The lights also come on at dusk and turn off at dawn for this installation.


Other applications at a storage facility that would work well would include motion-sensitive lights that only come on when motion is detected, canopy lights for areas under canopies or inside a building, and perimeter lighting.


Nature Area Security

Port Salerno FL floodlights for security


Behind a residential area in Port Salerno, FL, there is a small pond area. Martin County installed several floodlights around the retention pond and along the docks in the area. The lights are on from dusk to dawn and shine away from the homes, not to disturb the residences.


The floodlights, initially installed in 2006, have gone through a few upgrades. The county removed the old-style flood fixtures with compact fluorescent lamps, and the fixtures were replaced with more efficient LED flood fixtures. The switch to new fixtures lowers the solar lighting systems' maintenance and reduces costs for the county.


Remote Area and Perimeter Security

ConEd solar perimeter lighting for security


Remote areas and perimeters are notorious for requiring additional security and lighting. Solar plays a big part in ensuring these areas have all the necessary illumination.


ConEdison uses our solar security lighting systems for the working areas of a power distribution site. When the power goes down, the lighting provides safety for personnel working in the area.


The 106th Air Rescue Wing uses our solar security lighting systems between the airport's runway and the Air Rescue Wing's runway to provide security to the area. 


Like with both those projects, the lights operate from dusk to dawn and provide additional security to remote areas. The lights are installed along a perimeter to shine in on the site or over specific areas that need illumination in crisis times.


Breckenridge Water Tanks perimeter security solar floodight 


As you can see, the safety provided by solar lighting has provided a great deal of added benefits to many different applications. Off-grid solar lighting systems can quickly adapt from one project to the next, even be movable in cases where the light required is only temporary. Consider using a commercial design solar lighting system for your solar security lighting projects.


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