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Solar Lighting and Power Applications

Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street LightingSolar street lighting can be used on highways, roadways, rural roads and neighborhood streets to provide additional security to travelers. Dark streets can be a hazard to pedestrians and vehicle travelers alike. Solar powered street lighting systems will provide the needed light without additional trenching or added utility costs. These self contained systems provide the perfect solution to any roadway lighting application. Learn more

Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Solar Parking Lot LightingSolar parking lot lighting provides lighting to any size parking lot, and for existing parking lots, does not tear up the existing parking lot structures for installation. Dark sky compliant fixtures can also provide great lighting without additional light pollution. Since each light is self-contained with its own power system installation is a snap. Just set the pole and mount the solar and fixtures. Learn more

Solar Security Lighting

Solar Security LightingSolar security lighting is the perfect solution to perimeters, parks, pathways, boat ramps, storage yards and many other applications. The need for security lighting has increased and solar is a way to provide lighting in areas where existing utility lines do not exist or would cause damage to the surrounding area to trench in. Solar powered security light systems are self contained and are easy to install. Learn more

Decorative Solar Lighting

Decorative Solar LightingDecorative solar lighting can be used for a variety of applications including pathways, neighborhood streets, parking lots, sidewalks, urban settings and so much more. Decorative solar lights provide architecturally pleasant fixtures to meet with the needs of the area. And since they are solar powered they can be installed practically anywhere, even one power system to multiple fixtures. Learn more

Solar Sign Lighting

Solar Sign LightingSolar sign light systems provide lighting to a sign no matter the location without additional trenching tearing up the surrounding area or landscaping. Solar sign lights can even be installed in medians. The solar can mount nearby to show a green initiative, in the landscape nearby or on the top of the sign structure. The systems work perfectly with internally illuminated and front lit signs as well as billboards and banner signs.Learn more

Solar Billboard Lighting

Solar Billboard LightingSolar billboard light systems provide lighting to billboards no matter where they are located. These systems can work all night or for a set number of hours while traffic is high. The systems are typically installed on the top of the billboard not only advertising the company on the billboard, but also advertising their green initiative by using clean solar power for their lighting. Learn more

Solar Pathway & Landscape Lighting

Solar Pathway Landscape LightingPathways require lighting for pedestrians and bikers to provide safety and security at night or early morning. Solar pathway lighting will provide the needed light while not disturbing the surrounding area. Solar landscape lighting allows for showcasing both the landscaping and a green initiative without trenching through all the landscape work or in areas where power cannot be brought to. Learn more

Solar Flag Pole Lighting

Solar Flag Pole LightingThe Flag Code states it is patriotic to make sure a flag is well illuminated when flying 24 hours a day. Solar flag pole lighting will be a great way to show your patriotism by providing light to your flag all night. The solar power system can be either mounted on the pole below the flag or on the ground nearby. By providing flawless power to the high power LED flood fixture will showcase your flag without the need of utility lines. Learn more

Solar Bus Stop / Shelter Lighting

Solar Bus Stop LightingSolar power bus stop lighting can be used for bus stop, bus stop shelters and train stations. These lights provide lighting for safety and information to the people waiting at the bus stop. The lights can be installed in the bus stop as well as the Ad box and for power for schedule and map boards. The lights can run from dusk to dawn or be motion activated to save on power. Learn more

Solar Building Structure Lighting

Solar Building Structure LightsSolar powered building structure lighting can be used for pavilions, remote buildings and mailbox clusters. The lighting provides added safety for residences and communities and can assist to deter theft and other crimes. The solar can be mounted to the roof of the structure with the lights installed inside the building. The power can also light sign cabinets or other applications nearby. Learn more


Solar Flashers

Solar FlasherSolar warning flasher systems are the perfect solution for traffic warnings, school zones, pedestrian crossings and temporary flashers. The system includes the self-contained solar power system that can power either a single flashing beacon or double wig wag beacons to warn vehicles of oncoming issues or hazards. The poles and signs can be included in the solar flasher system. Learn more

Custom Solar Power

Custom Solar PowerSolar power is becoming the go to power source for most projects. Solar Electric Power Company offers a wide variety of solar power stations for stand alone power applications that offer an environmentally friendly alternative to standard electrical power. Our systems range from 10 Watts to 425 Watts, and can also be integrated together for an even higher power output for larger applications. Learn more