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Custom Solar Power

Solar power is becoming the go to power source for most projects. Solar Electric Power Company offers a wide variety of solar power stations for stand alone power applications that offer an environmentally friendly alternative to standard electrical power. Our systems range from 10 Watts to 425 Watts, and can also be integrated together for an even higher power output for larger applications. The solar electric power assemblies provide power on a 24/7 basis at any voltage or current required and include our patented LCU1 load computer unit with many different control options.

To ensure long life and reliability, our design team will be glad to assist you in selecting the system size. The Solar Electric Power Assemblies are used for applications such as: Wi-Fi; Communications; RTU/SCADA; Oil, Gas, and Water Flow Meters; DATA Acquisition; Seismic Monitoring; Cathodic Protection; Camera Security; Remote Security; Railroad Applications; Stand-By Power; and Industrial, Commercial, Military, and Government Operational Applications.

Solar Power for Different Applications

Every solar power system comes with a self-contained solar power assembly that is sized to run the application per the needs of the customer. Each power assembly is sized by the power consumption times the number of hours of operation and how much sun is provided in each geographic area to provide adequate autonomy. The power assembly is mounted at the top of a pole, on a wall or on a building. See our Solar Power Systems section for additional information and specifications.
Features Include:
  • Self-contained solar power assembly comprised of single crystal solar modules bonded into a single array
  • Full cover vented aluminum panel pan
  • Welded rear channel mounting bracket
  • Aluminum Vented battery storage console with sealed GEL batteries
  • All control electronics
  • Welded aluminum power bracket to bolt to any pole or wall

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