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Solar Lighting Presents:

Solar Lighting Solutions for your

Providing You Security, Savings and Sustainability with Commercially Designed Off-Grid Lighting

Pioneers in the Solar Lighting & Power Systems Industry

Every SEPCO solar LED lighting and power system provides the best quality system to meet the needs of our customers. SEPCO takes into consideration the geographical location and lighting design requirements for every project system design.


Solar LED Lighting Solutions

Solar LED lighting solutions from SEPCO and Hubbell Lighting offer civilian and military applications added security, huge energy savings, and undeniable sustainability.

No One Size Fits All Solution

SEPCO recognizes that there is no one size fits all solution for exterior lighting. Each customer requires a unique consideration and solution for their project.

Pioneers in the Industry

SEPCO is uniquely equipped to meet needs from lighting design, education, engineering, installation assistance, and ongoing customer service.


Who We Are

Kilowatts of Solar

Solar power installed to reduce energy demands and provide energy savings.

Years Experience

SEPCO solar lighting and off-grid power systems have been installed in the field.

Tons of CO2 Reduced

Providing systems to reduce our carbon footprint by manufacturing independent solar solutions.

Our Specialty

Commercial solar LED lighting solutions are our specialty. Many applications include:

Street & Roadway

See where you are going with solar street and roadway lighting systems


Protecting businesses and customers by providing security through visibility

Pathway & Walkways

Illuminate your path and see where you are going using solar lighting

Signs & Billboards

Large & small, internal & external, solar will shower your signs with light

Area Security

Shining a light on safety and security to remote areas, perimeters, etc

Remote Power

Reliable remote power where you need it when you need it - guaranteed

About Us

Work with Experts

We know what solar lighting solution best suits your application, no matter the industry or geographic location. The availability and cost of energy, new infrastructure, and many government financial incentives make solar the bright choice. We offer a broad array of solar-powered LED luminaires that provide reliable performance and maintenance-free operation, coupled with the long life of a solar power assembly.


Protecting property, people and assets is the job of exterior lighting. Solar LED lighting not only offers better visibility and wardens off potential threats, but it also offers security from brownouts and blackouts.


Energy savings are natural with solar LED lighting systems. Sunlight is plentiful and photovoltaic panels can harvest energy where grids don't reach. Low maintenance and ease of installation are the cherries on top of the energy savings.


There is no more renewable resource than the sun. Capturing its energy to light up dark buildings and roadways is a great way to honor our resources. The ease of installation makes adding light to fragile environments a lot less hassle and harmful.


SEPCO wants to help you save energy costs and go greener with your next exterior lighting project. Our lighting designers will assist you in choosing the right illumination levels and luminaires from our broad selection of solar-ready LED fixtures.

Solar Power

Solar Power Systems sized for each project location. Every solar power system is built to meet the needs of the project using local solar insolation and length of the night for worst-case scenario operation for flawless operation year-round.

LED Fixtures

High Powered LED Light Fixtures provide better light. SEPCO has a wide range of fixtures available to meet every project requirement. With our partnership with Hubbell Lighting brands, our solar lighting systems can easily adapt to your needs.


Custom Control Electronics provide light when you need it most. Our systems are designed with a standard set of controls to provide lighting as the project design parameters require and are always sized for winter nights for dusk to dawn operation.


Light Plan Engineering. Our on-staff engineering team can help design your lighting plan by using standard IESNA lighting levels and your digital files. From small signs to large parking lots, to complete developments, our engineers can handle it.

Free Guide on Solar Lighting Design

Learn more about what goes into designing a solar lighting system to provide a long-lasting solution.

Reliable solar lighting and power systems require more than an off-the-shelf setup.