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10 Amazing Environmentally Friendly Websites

SEPCO 7/28/11 10:30 AM
10 Amazing Environmentally Friendly Websites
I love all things green and wanted to point out some of my favorite websites for more information. Go check these out and let me know which ones are your favorites or what websites I am missing. I’d love to expand my bookmarks with more information.  
  1. Care2 – if it is creating a more green lifestyle, eating healthier, or taking action into causes you like; Care2 provides information on just about everything.
  1. Treehugger – from becoming informed, interacting, to taking action, Treehugger.com covers news, solutions, and product information. There is tons of information available for any type of audience.
  1. Eartheasy – not just a blog to read, but products to actual put to use to make your life greener. The blog is full of great advice while their store covers just about everything inside and outside the home.
  1. Renewable Energy World - a great website if you are looking for anything in the renewable energy side of things. They report on all forms of renewable energy and showcase advances in technology. 
  1. Blue & Green Tomorrow - a website that features ethical investments and sustainable living ideas. There is a ton of news, travel information, interviews with people in the industry, and books and films about the green movement.
  1. Earth Techling – a consumer publication that focuses on all types of green technologies from clean energy, electric vehicles, green gadgets, and green buildings.
  1. Clean Technica (cleantechnica.com) – news and individual’s views on solar, wind, water, and geothermal energy, energy efficiency, and green jobs. They also have more specific sites to choose from for other green topics.
  1. TED – Ideas Worth Spreading is the only mantra of TED. A conference that brings people from technology, entertainment, and design together to talk about all topics. A Greener Future is specific to helping the environment and making the world a greener and self-sustaining place.
  1. Green Tech Media - a site that works to give updated information on the renewable energy industry in all its branches including wind, solar, geothermal, etc.
  1. Green Ideal - a great site that provides green living tips, comments on the latest news, and guides to go green. They also include product guides, recipes and so much more to help people be a little more green.
Well, that wraps up my top ten. Leave me a comment below with information on your favorites so I can go check them out and report back.
As of 2020 - Leaf'd had been the only site to include from reader's suggestions. I took a look at it seems they have tons of products available that are following sustainable practices as well as a blog for additional information on how to be more sustainable in your daily life.